Common Options for Parking Management


It’s no secret that parking is an expensive and challenging feat of economics and logistics in cities, of all shapes and sizes, no matter the location. Parking lots, private lots, public and private parking garages, street parking, valet parking, self-parking, no parking … It can all be quite complicated and overwhelming when you think about a seemingly simple challenge of where to park a few dozen, or a few hundred cars, especially for visitors that are coming to your business or event for the first time. Having a smooth and easy flow of inbound and outbound parking, complete with clear and comprehensive signage displays to help direct and manage traffic flow can be a very simple and reliable way to manage this great task for everyone. However, that’s not the only need for a good parking system. Let’s take a look at some current common options for parking management.

Parking enforcement devices can add some automated technology to your operations. If the challenging scenario of unwelcomed parkers is something your business contends with regularly, or long-term parking in a short-term lot, perhaps adding some parking enforcement devices to your staff could speed up and automate activities each day such as volume monitoring and management, writing and issuing citations when necessary, billing and collections on the back end. When all pieces of the process exist in one seamless system, the entire operation runs smoother, more efficient and with greater ease. Arming your parking enforcement officers with their own mobile and handheld scanner could turn your entire business around. One of the best benefits of implementing a parking enforcement system is the connection into the NLETS network.

Keeping analog and cash based operations manned by parking attendants. Not every scenario will require advanced technology for the most efficient business flow, and that’s where having people at the face and base of your business in the form of parking attendants to work your parking lot needs comes in. No matter the frequency needed, having a team of people to direct traffic and manage the cash payments for the parking fees as cars enter is a familiar experience for millions. Having people be the welcoming face of your on-site event, providing top notch customer service to your attendees and customers adds an additional layer of friendliness and basic security measures to your parking lot. Depending on your scale, budget and frequency of needs, either of these options, or a blend of them could be your best approach to the bookends of the experience you’re providing to customers, clients and visitors.

Regardless of your scale and need for technology, a team of parking attendants, or a blend of the two approaches, most events, businesses and organizations can benefit from taking a look at their existing system to consider areas of improvement. Whether savvy electronic devices that enable faster and smoother citation transaction issuance, or parking meters that provide a greater landscape to easier payment transactions, or the old-fashioned human interactions with parking lot attendants, considering all angles for your needs is something everyone, both you and your customers, can benefit greatly from.


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