Our Top Security Tips for Businesses


As a business owner, you’ll likely agree that commonly the conversation around business security is commonly centered around digital security.

However, whilst it is important to ensure that you have a strong firewall, don’t share passwords and so on, you have a lot to lose if you don’t pay enough attention to your physical building security.

After all, if you are the owner of a large commercial property and therefore house large quantities of stock and other such valuable assets, you will want to ensure that it is completely covered and safe whilst you aren’t there.

Make sure to read on below for some of our top business security tips, collated in partnership with Brunel Fire & Security, leading Security Company Gloucester.

1) Use Surveillance

Surveillance systems such as CCTV are an excellent way to improve your awareness of who is moving throughout your building. They will also act as a deterrent for criminals and should an incident occur, your CCTV system will act as excellent evidence in an investigation.

2) Keep Your Business Premises Well Lit

A great way to help keep your business premises safe is by making it look less empty. You can do this by keeping lights on both within the building itself and around the perimeter. In fact, you would even invest in a timer system which will turn the lights on at an exact time of your choice, therefore making the building look much more ‘lived-in’ and less inviting to potential criminals.

3) Access Control Privileges

A great way to control who can and cannot enter your business premises, both day and night is with an access control system. By using this system you will be able to grant, revoke and set varying levels of access to different staff members. Therefore, you will be able to allow only staff and personnel to enter the building, reducing the risk of intruders gaining access.

4) Install Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm can be a great investment to make simply for your peace of mind. You’ll know that, as long as the system is properly alarmed, your building is protected. Even without being triggered and the alarm sounding, intruder alarms have been proven to act as an excellent deterrent.

5) Secure Your Business Equipment

It’s important to try and carry out regular property and equipment audits and ensure that you allocate responsibility for particular items to the individual employees who use them. For example, you could tag computers, record details of serial numbers and mark these against those who use them.

If the nature of your business means that you have expensive equipment, you could even potentially consider securing them to the floors and walls.

6) Carry Out Regular Risk Assessments

Ensuring that your business premises is as secure as possible always begins with identifying where you are most vulnerable.

Perhaps you have unfortunately already been the victim of crime, making you aware of where your business needs security improvements; however, that might not tell the whole story, leaving you open to other threats. This is why a thorough assessment is so vitally important. Hiring a security company to assist you with this task can help ensure you have minimized all security risks to your business.

As a business owner, the very last thing you want to happen is a security breach. After all, such an incident could create a huge impact on your business. That is why prevention is much better than a cure. We hope that the above security tips have given you some ideas towards some of the ways of which you can strengthen your business security and further protect you, your premises, your staff and your stock.


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