How Will Packaging Influence Consumers to Purchase Energy Drinks in Crowded Markets?


The energy drink industry is considered a niche sector. Its products comprise only 1% of all non-alcoholic drinks on the market, and it has a smaller customer base than other beverages.

However, even if they are few, those customers are highly loyal and increasing in number. Thus, they have helped the industry grow to nearly 200 brands. Now, those are just the drinks; there are still energy shots, bars, and other vitalizing products that make the competition more formidable than ever.

Despite the crowded market, brands can still stand out and influence consumers. But to achieve that effect, you must understand how your energy drink packaging doubles as a powerful marketing tool.

Colors and Design Attract Consumers

Most energy drinks spend their days inside transparent fridges, making it easier for people to see them. However, many other brands and beverages are on the fridges, too.

Coupling that with many people in a hurry, and there are only a few seconds to catch the customer’s eye. As energy drinks don’t talk, it’s up to the colors and designs to do that job.

For instance, most energy drinks inside a particular fridge went for a dark aesthetic. In that sea of competitors, a brand with brightly-colored packaging and fun typography would stand out and have a higher chance of stealing a consumer’s attention.

However, that doesn’t mean all colorful energy drinks sell quickly. Many modern consumers prefer a minimalistic, sleek look. Meanwhile, some companies, like Monster Energy, have found that their dark, fearsome image attracts those in extreme sports.

Colors and designs also relay information. For example, if the energy drink is lemon-flavored, a bright yellow package with fruit caricatures would call out to lemon lovers even before they’d read the label.

Packaging Makes the First Impression

After grabbing a potential consumer’s attention with colors and designs, the next challenge is to sustain it. Sure, the bright appearance caught people’s eye, but after taking in the details on the packaging, will the brand make a good impression on them?

A way to leave such a great first impression is to have unique propositions reflected on the packaging. For instance, many people, especially non-energy drink consumers, have a preconception that energy drinks are too sugary.

Considering that context, energy drinks formulated with low to no sugar would benefit from a “Sugar-Free” or “Low-Sugar” label, like this C4 energy drink.
They directly address people’s apprehensions about energy drinks, which earns them a good impression against competitors.

Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Seals the Deal

If the unique propositions, designs, and other details on the packaging aren’t enough to reel in a consumer, innovative and sustainable packaging could be the missing, influential factor.

An example of innovative packaging that could encourage people to buy an energy drink is resealable cans or bottles. Monster Energy released drinks with resealable lids, which are highly attractive to those who can gulp down their fluids in one go.

Meanwhile, sustainability is a packaging factor that is becoming more relevant. Most energy drinks are already in sustainable packaging already, as aluminum cans are easy to recycle, consume less energy, and cause fewer environmental concerns.

For example, Red Bull, in particular, emphasizes that their cans are forever recyclable. Their cardboard, trays, and pads are made from recycled cardboard, and their eco-coolers and refrigerators are designed to be energy-saving. These eco-friendly approaches may not just attract new consumers; they also encourage environmentally-conscious customers to stay loyal. Aluminum cans are not the only option for sustainable packaging for energy drinks.

It is necessary to remember that packaging is an important factor, just as pricing, product quality, and marketing efforts also highly influence the buying decisions of customers. The crowded market’s winning strategy should have a comprehensive approach that includes the various factors necessary to transform and attract customers effectively.

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