Tips & Tricks to Plan the Perfect Country Club Wedding


The big day is approaching and there’s so much to do. One of the first items on your list is to book a wedding venue as these are often costly and booked quickly. If you have family ties to a country club, having your wedding there may be your best bet! Country club weddings are the best way to host an exclusive wedding with a touch of elegance and class.

Why You Should Get Married at a Country Club

Weddings are one of the most important days in a couple’s life. Recent statistics have shown that American weddings cost nearly thirty thousand dollars on average. American weddings often have a large number of attending guests and thus, the accommodation has to be of equal standing. However, whether you choose to throw a large-scale wedding or a more intimate one, there are several reasons to get married at a country club.

Not to mention, country clubs offer numerous wedding services on-site such as catering, wedding planners, DJs, photoshoot backgrounds, and even decorations. Looking to find out how to plan a stress-free country club wedding? Good news! These prices can even be bundled when booking the venue, thus alleviating some of the stress. Having your wedding in an outdoor location also offers more activities for your guests. Bored? A quick game of golf is always available!

One last point to note is that the weather can be predictable or perhaps you have forgotten to check the forecast before booking your venue. In most cases, the forecast is not available at the time of booking your venue and the weather on your big day is unpredictable. Country clubs offer a sense of security because even if it does start pouring as you begin to walk down the aisle, they also have multiple indoor locations large enough to accommodate your wedding.

Planning For the Big Day

Everyone wants to know how to plan a perfect country club wedding, but unfortunately, weddings can be very expensive. That is why it is vital to create a budget for your expenses before booking a venue or arranging for any services. Creating a budget allows you to determine if you have enough funds to cover every aspect of the wedding from small photo booth, the cost of hiring a DJ to even minimal expenses such as wedding props like wedding sparklers. Bundling services at the country club is a great way to save money.

The secret about how to plan successful outdoor wedding lies within doing your research. Outdoor weddings can sometimes be more costly than indoor ones, so doing your due diligence and knowing people who may be able to assist you in planning is a plus. For instance, if you know someone who has recently gotten married, don’t be afraid to ask them about their DJ or catering service!

The time of the year is also important to consider. Planning your wedding during the summer may be a tad bit tricky because most families take vacations at that time. To achieve optimal guest attendance, plan your wedding during the fall when it isn’t too hot or too cold. Since you have opted to have your wedding at a country club, this can be used to your advantage in planning small events for both families to meet. A golf day before your wedding may provide the perfect opportunity!

In the end, it is important not to forget that this is your big day and thus, the opinions of both you and your finance should matter the most. You may receive a lot of input from family or friends who mean well but may be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully, with these golf club wedding planning tips, you are well on your way to planning your dream wedding!


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