7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing Your First EBook


Are you thinking of writing your first ebook to attract new subscribers and generate website traffic? From auto dealerships to home improvement companies, ebooks delve into niche issues, share knowledge, and provide proper guides about important topics. If done right, the “e” in eBook will stand for engaging, effective, and exciting. However, many well-intentioned business owners and authors fail in writing a comprehensive and engaging eBook due to few preventable mistakes. You will find several books out there, and not necessarily the best ones. Your book can stand out if you can avoid the following seven pitfalls:

Misunderstanding the target market

Before you dive into writing an eBook, make sure that you have defined your book’s main goal. Your eBook should solve a problem or provide guidelines to the customers. For this, check what the customers are searching on your site. Keep tabs on the questions people are always asking. Pay attention to what your social media followers are interested in. No matter how passionately you write, it wouldn’t pay off if it doesn’t garner market demand.

Mediocre first impression

Uninspiring and boring cover design of your book will significantly reduce the chances of your book, reaching the target buyer. Remember that your book is competing for attention with thousands of other books written on the same subject. The potential leads for your book will view the cover design, probably as a thumbnail image. So not only should it be attractive but clean and clutter-free. To give an elegant look to your ebook, you can also opt for CustomEssayMeister or ebook writing software. The ebook software takes content from your document and converts it into a beautifully designed ebook.

Lack of quality visual aids

What makes an argument more powerful and authentic? Statistics, data, and evidence. To increase the authenticity of your eBook, it should contain supporting data and statistics. Simply listing down the facts and figures isn’t going to add the oomph needed in your ebook. Present all the figures and stats in comparative charts, pie charts, graphs, and other graphics to establish your point. As per the research, people can process visual references 60,000 times faster compared to text. Visual aids also improve the learning process by 400%. However, while adding the visuals in your ebook, make sure you do not use low-resolution images or graphics. Besides, you should take sufficient rights before using any statistical or factual image. Bad images can hamper the sale of the ebook.

Lack of proper structure and overly technical language

Your ebook’s chances to appear more like a textbook are higher if the content of the book contains exhaustive information on the chosen topic. While deciding the sections for your book, develop small themes per section. Use subheads in each section to guide your readers. People prefer short ideas and things broken down into digestible chunks. Give your readers white space, bullet points, images, and visual aids to make the reading experience easier to follow. While writing your ebook, keep in mind that your entire target audience wouldn’t have the same level of understanding when it comes to insider industrial terms and expertise. You need to speak the language of the people in the content you are presenting. Your ebook should have simplified content that can help the customer in decision-making processes.

Don’t edit as you go

It might not seem like the most important tip, but it is true that editing, as you write, should be avoided as it will only delay your ebook. Of course, it is very tempting to fix little errors and typos that appear as you are in a writing flow, but it only harms your flow and thought process. Write first, edit later to avoid any delay in the launch of an ebook. Here is a tip to handle your editing woes. Try writing your ebook the right way in the first attempt. You can achieve this by avoiding complex words and phrases, long sentences, random jargon, or anything that confuses the reader. You can also ensure the quality of your writing by using different software. Since content is the meat of your book, even the slightest error can compromise the ebook’s overall authenticity and quality.

Absence of a marketing plan

You have written your ebook but without a marketing plan. How do you plan to target your audience without a marketing plan in place? Ebooks aren’t just limited to sharing industrial information. Instead, it can be your powerful marketing tool that can not only make a convincing case for your product or service but also establish you as a voice of authority in a particular niche. Before you publish your ebook, develop a landing page getting reviews from experts in your work area, guest blogging on relevant websites, and create informative and relevant content on your website. You can leverage all the social media platforms to promote your ebook. As consumers trust opinions and reviews by other people, you must get testimonials and reviews of your ebook. For this, you can give copies of your ebook in advance to a few people and ask them to review your book and write testimonials. You can feature these testimonials in promotional copies of your ebook.

Wrong ebook format

PDF has been a preferred format choice for creating ebooks. It is still an easier and quicker way to create an ebook, but the reading behavior has changed a lot. Currently, PDFs don’t work for everyone. As more people read ebooks on their phones, it is getting harder to manipulate PDFs as per the device requirement. It is important to choose the format wisely. To make your ebook readable for your target market. In addition to PDF, you can choose from three major formats, including MOBI, which is suitable for Kindles and Kindle Apps. You can choose EPUB, which is suitable for ebook readers. You can also opt for HTML5, which is great for the web and mobile screens.

Wrapping it up

There is no magic wand that can help you write a perfect ebook. It’s all you. Writing your ebook takes work, but it is one of the best ways to explore your passions along with sharing your expertise. Your idea might be unique but to propagate the idea through an ebook requires you to avoid these mistakes. You can create a marketable product by learning from these common mistakes. Your flexible approach towards packaging your ebook will make the ebook a powerful tool in your digital business strategy. Build your brand through your ebook, generate new leads, and help move your business forward.


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