Planning for a Baby: 3 Topics to Discuss with Your Partner


A baby will change your life in almost every possible way. You will not only experience a love you’ve never felt before, but a newborn will require around-the-clock care and consume much of your finances.

If you and your other half are considering starting a family, you might need to discuss the topic in detail to ensure you’re both on the same page. After all, welcoming a child into the world is the biggest decision you will ever make. Here are five topics to discuss with your partner when planning for a baby.

How Parenthood Will Affect Your Relationship

Welcoming a baby into the world will alter your relationship, even if you think it won’t. Sometimes this will be for the better, but sometimes it can be a shock when it is altered the other way. You’ll instantly change from a couple to a family, which comes with many responsibilities that can place pressure on your relationship.

For this reason, you must discuss how you believe parenthood could affect your relationship to set realistic expectations. For example, you should talk about the division of tasks, such as nappy changes, night-time feeds, and bath time. You must consider that the child’s nutrition is very important in their development, so make sure that you are going to provide them with only the very best, organic certified and golden standard nutrients, such as HiPP Dutch 2.

Also, you must both discuss your hopes and fears, which will ensure you consider your other half’s feelings when becoming a family and remain on the same page.

What If You Struggle to Conceive a Baby?

Conception doesn’t always come easy to some couples, which is why you must discuss this topic with your other half. Struggling to get pregnant can be heart-breaking, and you must discuss the options you’re willing to consider if conceiving is a problem, such as fertility tests and treatments such as IVF, home insemination, surrogacy, adoption, or fostering.

Turn to the best IVF clinic London has for preconception tests to identify potential issues and treatment options that could increase your chances of getting pregnant. For example, you could welcome a baby into the world with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vito Fertilisation (IVF), or ovulation induction, to name a few options.

How to Approach Parenthood

While you and your partner might have similar values, sense of humor, and ambition levels, you might have different ideas about parenthood. For example, you might be happy for your child to choose their own religious path, but your partner might want your son or daughter to follow their faith.

Also, you might want both parents to work, but your other half might imagine either you or them will remain at home to care for your child. Sit down and discuss your ideas for parenthood to identify if you have the same mindset for your child’s upbringing, which should cover everything from their education to discipline.


It is likely you and your partner have thought long and hard about parenthood for many months, which is why you have decided to start a family in the first place. Yet, it is essential to sit down and have many serious discussions with your spouse to ensure you’re both on the same page from day one of this new journey. It can help you navigate possible obstacles with ease and remain a team at every stage.


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