Planning Your Next Corporate Event


Planning a corporate event doesn’t have to be as big of a headache as it sounds. The key word is planning. With all the proper preparations in place, you will set the groundwork for a smooth and successful affair.

Set Event Expectations

Have a clearly defined objective and purpose for your event. Once you know exactly what you want to promote, you can easily make decisions that support the goal of the function. Then, decide on the type of event you want to host and align your needs accordingly.

You don’t want your event to consist only of the purpose at hand, though. Instead, incorporate supportive, yet influential, members of the community to support your vision. By including useful and like-minded, local businesses, you can extend your reach beyond your captive audience and forge some useful partnerships that can prove useful in the future.

Set a Budget

Once you decide the focus and purpose of your function you need to organize your budget. Don’t be afraid to try to negotiate with vendors when considering your venue, corporate catering options, and guest speakers. It is imperative to stay within your allotted budget but still host a successful, impressive, and noteworthy event.

When selecting speakers and planning informative sessions, be cognizant of what your guests need and expect so you can plan accordingly. The most pressing issues are two-fold — deliver your message with exacting detail and give your guests an event they won’t soon forget.

Line Up Guest Speakers

Speaking of guests, think about the main purpose for hosting your event when choosing speakers and entertainers to approach. Are you looking to attract new clients, keep the ones you have aware of changes and/or modifications, or are you simply entertaining the clientele that you currently have?

If your event is an educational industry event or a networking event, you should try to line up well-known thought industry thought leaders to speak to your guests. The number of speakers you need depends on the size of the event and its style. Sometimes, hosting a smaller, more intimate gathering that promotes guests to share their own experiences and advice too is a better option — and in that case, you might only want to have one main guest speaker.

Promoting Your Event

If you are going to invest the energy and money into having a successful corporate affair, you need to be sure it is promoted properly and reaches those whose attention you are trying to ascertain. Marketing should account for most of your time during your preparations for a successful event, and it’s important to create a marketing plan to maximize your reach and minimize your costs.

Consider using social media platforms to promote your event. But before you use any paid advertising options, make sure you choose the right platform. It’s important to know where your target audience — i.e. the people you want to attend your event — hand out online.

If you’re trying to attract a younger crowd, Snapchat and Instagram might be a better option than Facebook or Twitter. Of course, in most cases, LinkedIn would be a good fit for corporate event promotion. However, it’s important to remember, people don’t check LinkedIn as frequently as they do other social media platforms so it might not be the best choice if you’re short on time.

Also, don’t forget to send email announcements to the people on your email list, those on other participating company’s lists, and those on the guest speaker’s email list. And you should also take advantage of free promotional options such as Facebook and Instagram stories.

Private venue hire Sydney is an important part of organising a private event. There are many places to hold your celebration in Sydney, from restaurants and golf clubs to luxury hotels and boat cruises. From small intimate parties to large corporate events, Sydney has a wide variety of venues to suit your needs. Here are some ideas for your private party:. You can also use a public space for your function, like an office building, but make sure it’s free of guests.

Overall, your event should be a fun and exciting way to reach out to other people in your industry and network. To make your affair a huge success, planning is important, but don’t overdo it.


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