Presentail Promises You the Best Gift Shopping Experience!


Presentail is an online gift shop, known for its outstanding achievements and rapid growth since its launch in 2018, raising the bar of online gift ordering and delivery services Lebanon-wide. These achievements were accomplished through exploration and application of customer needs and expectations, which were then implemented onto our website.

Our wide collection of numerous products keeps expanding in terms of brands, bundles, and occasions! We favor categorizing each item into interests and occasions; interests being the hobbies your loved one(s), and occasions are those that fall into international or local festive dates.

Through frequent upgrades, we made sure to cover all customer needs to ensure an overall smooth shopping experience. One of these updates resulted in easy-to-use features such as simple navigation bars and effortless checkout flows. This was then followed by mobile compatibility and functionality. The reason why Presentail attained its user-friendly reputation relates to its secure and reliable payment methods that mark us as credible, along with social validation containing reviews and ratings of our services.

These are only just a few of our elite services and utilities. Our company emphasizes greatly on same-day-delivery to all parts of Lebanon, ready 24/7 to take orders coming from customers living in different time zones. Upon receiving orders, we ensure the ornate and neat packing of your package for a safe delivery service. Along with that, comments regarding the delivery process can be left in the checkout page for any special requests.

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