9 Questions For Agile Marketing Campaigns


As you’re looking ahead to the rest of 2022, the key skill to practice is agility. It’s essential to be strategic, ready to pivot, and actively agile. What worked last year – or even last month – could be old news.

As you consider your marketing strategies, keep in mind that marketing trends are constantly changing. Be ready to drill deeper into your questions so you can be sure you’ve got the best plan of action. Ask yourself these nine key questions to get inside the minds of your target audience.

How Can You Explore Your Buyer Persona?

Get inside the minds, hearts, and moods of your target audience. What are their hot buttons? What are their top priorities? What are their hopes and dreams? The more you understand your buyer personas, the easier it is to speak directly to what matters most.

How Can You Examine Personalizing?

We all like to be addressed as individuals, not as nameless and faceless entities. Practice this by identifying more about your buyer persona. Give each fictional character or user type the first name. “Alice” or “Max” can be a person, with a distinct wireframe of characteristics. The more you can visualize and identify these, the more you’ll be able to step into their mindset.

Are your customers working from home, at an office, or a mix of both? With more people working from home or in hybrid work arrangements, businesses will continue to need to provide high-quality content. Think about ways to personalize your message in every transaction. Showcase your unique benefits, share personal insights, and provide real-life stories to offer thought-leadership.

How Can You Engage Fully?

Engaging fully entails bridging the virtual gap and connecting human-to-human. As you are looking for ways to engage fully, try thinking like the person on the other end of your marketing strategy.

Engagement is something that you can explore in a direct, hands-on way. Go to your website and view it as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend that you’ve just arrived from another planet…do you understand the offer? Do you know what to do? Do you feel intrigued, interested and inspired?

If you feel that you are too close to the material, run some experiments with friends and professional associates. Ask them to explore your site and give you candid feedback. If you discover that your favorite headline doesn’t make sense to others, be sure to swap it out for one that everyone understands.

How Can You Understand What The Customer Feels?

Take a deeper dive to understand how your marketing materials affect your customer.

Do you enjoy getting these emails, offers, quizzes, and information? Do you look forward to newsletters? Do you wait for a long-form blog post, and forward the latest to your team?

Ideally, if you were the customer, you’d have a big “Yes!” Answer to these questions. However, If you were the customer and you’d answer, “No!”… rethink your message. You can adapt, pivot, and refine your marketing campaign to speak the language of your customer.

How Can You Capture Lost Customers?

If you’ve been in business for a little while, you know that some people express interest and then disappear. This can happen in several ways. For instance, some customers abandon a purchase at the shopping cart. Others sign up for emails but never do anything else. Still, other people sign up for emails and then unsubscribe.

While working to capture lost customers, consider your options. You can do retargeting campaigns, but if you aren’t seeing a response, think outside of the box. Consider

direct mail retargeting to reach customers with a physical mailer or postcard.

How Can You Reignite Interest?

If you notice that a customer hasn’t purchased within a certain period, think about running a reactivation campaign. Expand your marketing efforts with a direct mail offer, such as a postcard that may pique interest and inspire the customer to purchase.

How Can You Cross-Sell and Upsell?

If you’ve got high potential customers, let them know about your entire suite of products or services. Share your cross-category offers with direct mail retargeting to stand out from the crowd.

How Can You Stay Top of Mind?

Send celebratory offers on special occasions. Think about offers for anniversaries, birthdays, and special holidays. A postcard, coupon, or flier is a great way to build brand affinity and drive repurchase.

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