Questions to Expect in Your Communications Interview


Congratulations! You’ve just received an invitation to a job interview for the communications position you applied for a couple of weeks ago. You worked hard on your resume and covering letter, tailoring both to the job description and company’s branding. You made it through the first round of competition, and you should be proud. Most job postings attract hundreds of applicants. Your hard work paid off. While you should give yourself a significant pat on the back, there’s still work to do. Now, you have to prepare for the interview.

Many organizations conduct at least two interviews for open positions, so this might be the first of several. The first interview is arguably the most important because you’re providing the first impression to your potential employer. Everyone has heard the expression, “first impressions are everything.” And, a lot of the time, they are everything. The first interview is your chance to show what an excellent team member you’d be and why you’re the best person for the job. You must prepare for this interview by researching the company, learning how to limit your nervousness and anxiety, and planning a polished, professional outfit to wear on the big day.

One way to prepare and alleviate any jitters is to review potential interview questions. When you have a solid understanding of what’s coming your way, you’ll feel more confident on the day of the interview. We’ve created a list of questions to consider before the big day.

Tell Me About Yourself

Communications is an industry comprised of many fields. It’s a combination of marketing, design, public relations, copywriting, and content generation. When you receive a question asking you to describe yourself, you must keep all of those facets in mind. Mention any experience you have in the field and what drew you to communications. Briefly mention your current position and how it applies to the new job. Many people like to add something unique about themselves to show employers that they have broad interests. Perhaps you write poetry or study graphic design in your spare time.

A Challenging Situation

As a communications professional, you must demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills. Interviewers will want to hear about a past challenging work situation and how you handled it. They’ll want to see that you could think quickly on your feet and effectively communicate with your team during a crisis.

Name 3 Media Outlets

Part of working in communications is to know what’s happening globally. Whether you’re applying to be a content writer or a PR specialist, understanding current events, pop culture, and advertising trends is crucial. Read up on current affairs, and ensure you can list at least three relevant media outlets.

Work With an Agency

If you’re feeling unsure about tackling the upcoming interview, consider contacting an employment agency such as IQ PARTNERS — a leading executive search agency. Their experts can help develop your interview skills and connect you to additional communications opportunities.

The most important thing to do before any interview is to prepare. Think of it as a university exam — if you don’t study, there’s a likely chance that you’re going to fail.


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