Questions You Should Ask When Deciding Between Online Grad Programs


Grad school is a big commitment and a big investment. Even if you’re getting some scholarships, chances are that you will need to pay for some of your schooling yourself. Plus, you will be spending a lot of your time over the next few years studying.

With that in mind, it’s important to consider your options carefully and choose the program that’s truly right for you. After all, you don’t want to spend months on a degree that is ultimately not going to help you reach your goals. Every program is different, and even if you’ll be attending school online, it’s important to find the right fit.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when evaluating different programs.

What Are Your Ideal Outcomes After Obtaining a Degree?

You probably know why you’re going back to school—for a specific career path, to pursue a passion, or simply to gain new skills. But have you thought about what you want after you get your degree? Do you know what steps you’ll take after you graduate?

Think about what your ideal outcome would be soon after you get your degree. Check with different programs to see how many of their graduates get jobs soon after they finish their program. Think out beyond just the program itself and into the future.

Are You Looking to Become a Leader Within Your Organization or Industry?

People have different levels of ambition—and that’s okay! You need to know where you stand in your goals for your career. If you’ve already been working in one industry for several years and you need a master’s degree to climb the corporate ladder, then a degree in management and leadership might be the most beneficial choice.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur and growing your career independently in your field, business skills might be more valuable. You need to think about whether working with and managing people is your top interest, or if you’d rather be a solo innovator.

Are You Interested in a Part-Time or Full-Time Degree?

Many people attend graduate school part-time while they work or care for children. Depending on your situation, you might want to consider a part-time program. These programs will take longer to complete but might put less financial strain on you and your family while you attend school.

Fortunately, online programs cater to part-time students. Most schools understand that grad students have their own lives and offer flexible schedule options. With that said, some programs require full-time commitment or are too demanding to juggle other responsibilities while attending school.

This is definitely something to consider when you’re choosing a program. How much time do you have to spare, and can you afford to attend school without working? Will you be able to pay off any debt after you graduate?

Would You Rather Enter Management or Specialization?

If you love to work with people, then going to a school that is known for its management focus could be a great idea. These fields could help you advance in almost any industry. Good leaders are rare, and smart organizations know that they are worth their weight in gold. In a leadership role, you’ll help an organization reach its goals and contribute to organizational development.

But if you’re more technical, you might want to choose a degree program that will prepare you with specific skills for a career path in an industry you want to work in. You really need to consider your interests and abilities to choose the program that’s right for you.

Will You Be Able to Pay Off Your Debt?

Unless you’re very lucky, you’ll have to pay for some or all of your program yourself. If you will be taking on student loans to pay for grad school, it’s important to think about how long it might take to pay them off. Getting an advanced degree in a field with low pay can be risky and you might not be able to justify the finances.

It can be hard to balance passion with practicality. The best choice is always to balance the two. You never want to regret going back to school, so you need to think about your program choice from all angles.

Thanks to online learning, it’s never been easier to go back for a graduate degree. But choosing the right program is still one of the most important and difficult choices you’ll make for your education.

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