Quick and Easy Ways To Save Money on Heating


Living in a cold climate area without a heater during the winters can be horrifying. Using your heater to keep your home or office warm is inevitable. Your bills, however, are something in your control.

You don’t have to endure the cold to keep your heating bills from burning a hole in your pocket. Here are some quick and easy ways that you can follow to save money on your heating bills.

Invest in a Modern Radiator

Buying a new radiator to save money on energy bills may seem ironical, but it’s simply counterintuitive. Modern radiators are more energy-efficient and thus consume less power. You can get Wifi controlled heating radiators from ElectricRadiatorsDirect, from RichmondRadiators or maybe from BestElectricRadiators in order to control your radiators remotely and save money through the smart power consumption at the same time.

Not only that, modern radiators with smart features also maintain temperatures to reduce unnecessary power usage consumed to manage dwindling temperatures. Instead of looking at it as a purchase, look at it as an investment you make for the long term.

Cover Windows with Bubble Wrap or Plastic

Windows do not help maintain the inside temperature at all, as they are often the biggest contributors to the loss of heat in homes and offices. Often, windows aren’t fully connected to the edges and have gaps through which you lose heat. To hold heat inside the room, you must insulate your windows.

While there are ways to get your windows insulated, a quick fix would be to tape bubble wrap or plastic over the window pane. Plastic is a bad conductor of heat and is thus a great insulator to use. If you don’t wish to put bubble wrap on your windows, you could use cellophane wrap, which is much thinner and is almost invisible when put on glass.

Ensure you also cover the small gaps between the glass and window frame. You can find these gaps by running your fingers over the edges and looking for any air seeping in.

Use Duct Tape Over Gaps

As mentioned before, your windows can have gaps that let your room’s heat out. To improve your house or office’s insulation, you can use duct tape. All you have to do it go around the house with the tape and run your fingers over windows, doors and any other cracks and openings you may see in the house.

If you feel any cold wind on your fingers, take your tape and stick it over the gap. Don’t try to save your duct tape; take a big piece and press it down to not allow any seepage whatsoever. After you’ve put the tape, check with your fingers again to see if you feel any wind. After that, regularly check those areas to fix any pieces of tape that may have come undone.

Use Aluminium Foil over your Radiator

If you are still waiting to buy a smart electric radiator, here’s one way for you to direct your radiator’s heat towards the room. In essence, radiators release their heat above them, which is caught by the walls. This can be inefficient in harsh cold climate areas and old radiators.

Instead of losing heat this way, you can directly warm the room’s air by directing the heat towards the room with an aluminium foil. Aluminium is a good conductor of heat and it captures the heat sent by the radiator.

It then acts as an extension for your radiator and directs the heat towards the room. Not only would you be increasing your radiator’s efficiency, but you’ll also be able to direct the radiator’s heat to a part of the room that isn’t normally reached by the radiator.

The Bottom Line

Putting yourself through the struggle of sitting in the cold is not a sensible way of going about saving money on heating. Instead, try to find more ways like the ones mentioned in this list to increase your radiator’s efficiency and your house’ insulation. You would even lose heat every time you open a door or window, however short a period of time. Continue to check your house for problems that could hamper your house insulation to prevent using extra power on bringing the temperature back to normal.

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