5 Quick & Easy Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Increase Traffic

The internet has changed the way businesses operate, influenced consumer shopping habits, altered the ways in which people communicate and even redefined how people access news. Every new site must compete against existing websites and social media platforms to generate traffic. Consider the fact that, as of 2019, there were 1.72 billion websites online. It’s mind-boggling, but also can be exciting for your business.

Having a website is essential for businesses. Despite the volume of competition online, it is possible to generate traffic and sales through your site using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to increase your website’s domain authority (DA) score and boost its placement on web browser searches. Here are some ways to boost your web-site and your business.

1. Increase on-Site iInteraction

When browsers assess your website and assign its DA score, one of the factors they consider is your bounce rate. A bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who engage with your site, compared to visitors who do not consume content or click on other pages. When a visitor leaves your site after glancing at one page, it counts as a bounce.

One way to ensure visitors engage with content is to generate a wide range of exciting, accessible content. Integrate live stream production services with your site content. Turn to production experts, such as COLDEA Productions, and host a live event, like a webcast,a live stream of a how-to video, or other informative content suited to your clienteles’ interests. If you don’t know much about producing a live video, that’s all right. Use the video services made available by production companies like COLDEA to make you video content engaging so that people stay on your site for longer. Each of these live events or live streams will boost your on-site engagement rate and increase the time visitors spend on your site, which will boost your DA score.

2. Generate Inbound links

Inbound links lead people to your website. One of the simplest ways to generate inbound links is by establishing social media channels for your business and including links to your site in your posts. You can opt to use a business page on Facebook to build a following. Twitter and Instagram are also effective platforms for reaching potential consumers. Create new posts every time you have new content and promote live streaming events you plan to host to boost your site traffic on Facebook Live or IGTV. You’d be surprised at how effective these virtual events can be at boosting your site traffic. Even if you’re a small business, it’s worthwhile to make sure you have inbound links all over the web—after all, more hooks tend to catch more fish.

You can also generate inbound links by blogging on related sites. Include a link to your site in your bio to promote website traffic.

Inbound links help increase traffic by providing access to your site with a single click. They also boost your site’s DA score. Inbound links from reputable sites are considered an endorsement of your site and its content, so search engines favor sites with relevant inbound links.

3. Increase Site Speed

If your site is slow or lags a lot, visitors are more likely to leave the site without engaging with the content, which lowers the site’s DA score. Boost site speed with secure off-site data storage for content that does not need to be accessible to the public. If you have remote staff who may be accessing materials, you can use secure cloud storage from companies such as Turbot. This enables you to make data available to the appropriate team members without compromising your website’s speed. Turbot also protects your data from unauthorized access and offers featured tools to enable staff to manage data and perform tasks. This way you can streamline your workflow without impacting the speed of your site. Turbot offers the latest technology when it comes to data management and software configuration, allowing you to manage your team remotely in real-time. Whether your small business is hosting a livestream and you need to coordinate all the participants, or you just want to make sure your teem members have access to the data without compromising on security during daily operations, Turbot is the way to go.

You can also increase your site speed by paying to host your site on a dedicated server. When your site shares a server with other sites, those other sites can impact your site’s speed. If the other sites are experiencing high traffic volumes, your site’s response time may be affected. Take all of these criteria into consideration when you get in touch with Turbot about your cloud storage needs.

4. Use Keywords

Keywords are standard search terms related to the material you feature on your website. Using keywords in your site’s content can increase your DA score and ensure your site is featured by search engines when people search for those keywords.

You can also increase your site’s DA score by using keywords when you name photographs and videos you upload. Make sure you upload photos with good resolution that don’t take up too much space. Photos with more kilobytes will take longer to load, which will slow down your site’s response time. If you don’t want to compromise on image size, you may want to consider optimizing your data storage with Turbot as well.

5. Targeted Marketing and Promotions

Your site’s bounce rate will increase if your site doesn’t have material for visitors to engage with, is slow to respond or features content that doesn’t interest your visitors. One way to ensure you generate relevant traffic to your site is to use a targeted marketing strategy and focus on appealing to your ideal audience.

You can also increase your traffic by offering targeted promotions and using social media and marketing campaigns to prompt visitors to your site to sign up for your newsletter or enter a contest to win prizes to generate traffic and promote site engagement. This can also be an effective way of featuring your company’s products and services.


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