Reaching Your Audience at the Right Time


Making your business a success relies on sales. Although, reaching the right audience is imperative to your growth and sales numbers, approaching the right clients at the right time also plays an important part in converting clicks into sales.


If you’ve ever been on a website where a request has appeared at the top of the page, asking to share your location, this information is used for determining the locations of visitors to the website. Geolocation data helps businesses understand where their potential customers are based, and come up with a suitable marketing strategy because of this information. When combined with other data, you will gain a better understanding of your audience. Mobsta can help with your marketing by providing location details and other relevant data to help you target your audience.

Posting on social media

By understanding where your audience is based, you can post on social media platforms at times you know they will be awake if they are in a different time zone to you. Although you may be tucked up in bed, you can schedule these posts to go live at any time you choose.

There is a lot to understand about social media, but researching the best times for posting on different platforms will result in more views. Sometimes you will need to run paid ads. Knowing the location of your audience, and some of their interests will help you pick the right keywords to choose for targeting your ads to similar people. You can also analyse the results afterwards to see if more people from specific locations saw the advert than those in other locations you listed, as well as spotting other trends in the data.

Using psychographics

Using psychographics can help you tailor your marketing campaigns to your audience at the right time. Demographics can be useful, but psychographics delves deeper and take other factors into consideration.

Rather than relying solely on data on ethnicity, age and location, it puts your audience in groups based on their interests and opinions. With this data, you can reach them at the right time. For example, if a large proportion of your audience lives in a specific city and are interested in the same musician, you might use that information to target your marketing.

If the musician is playing an outdoor gig in their hometown during one of the colder months, and your business sells stylish gloves and scarfs, you would create a social media post, blog post or newsletter specifically targeted at those members of your audience. You could suggest the gloves and scarfs you sell would make them look stylish and keep them warm at the gig. With the use of keywords or hashtags, you and your products can be discovered by the right people at exactly the right time.

In business, timing really is everything. The more you know about your audience, the more you can target your marketing to them. More importantly, you can reach them at the right time!


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