Reasons Behind the Success of Rugs Business


Various businesses come in and go from the marketplace. Some businesses get success, and some fail. There are various reasons behind the businesses’ failure, such as climate risk, financial, marketing, technology, etc.

Some businesses fail after emerging because of a lack of knowledge of the current market condition. Their product can’t take the position in the market and fails to beat the competitor. Thus these businesses are out of the market, and the business owners face massive losses in their investment. To start a new business is to take the risk and gather the information to become a successful entrepreneur.

Nowadays, technology is enhancing day by day. Many of the latest machinery has been introduced in the marketplace due to which the previous machinery has obsolete. Thus the obsolete machinery products are not liked by consumers because modern technology, the color, texture, pattern, and design of the product look adorable, catching the consumers’ eyes quickly.

Iran and Turkey are the two most prominent countries in the rugs business field. Their Area Rugs are expensive and nicely crafted by the skilled workers of rugs. Nowadays, they use machinery as well to produce the modern rugs that are liked by people globally.

How to Start a Business of Rugs

It depends on you which business you would like to start, either it is rugs or another business. A wide range of entrepreneurs is operating the rugs business globally. Some are top entrepreneurs, and some are middle or small. Well, it depends on the investment. The importance of this business is that it can be operated from home.

If you would like to start a business of rugs, the first thing is to locate the suppliers from the foreign countries that sell rugs. You have various options such as Persian rugs, Turkish, Pakistani, and others. Then the next step after finding the rugs seller is to deal with them. Negotiate the prices because you will sell to consumers and will work as a middle -man. Your profit will enhance in the selling of the product if you negotiate the prices. Thus purchase prices become low, and the profit margin enhances.

You have to decide which method you will follow to sell the products, either online selling or opening the outlet or shop in the local area market. If you would like to sell in a limited area, the local market is the best option, but if you would like to sell in the overall country or foreign country, so the online platform is the best option depending on which option you will select.

I prefer you to select the online option because your target audience will enhance, and it creates a direct impact on your sales. Your sales will enhance, and this is the better option to grow successfully. There are lots of examples of online rugs businesses that you can find near to you. These online businesses grow by merely a website where they place all of their products images and the description so the consumer can easily buy by viewing the product’s full detail.

You have various options if you have a massive investment to start the manufacturing business. In the manufacturing business, plants are placed in the factories if you would like to produce machine-made rugs. The plants require a vast cost. If no company is selling machines and plants in your country, you have to import the machinery from a foreign country that requires more money. The taxes and other customs charges you have to pay and the currency difference make the cost higher.

Hand-woven and Hand-knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs are made from distinct techniques. Due to the weaving distinction, the quality, design, and texture also become different—people like the hand-knotted rugs due to the detailed texture.

Hand-knotted rugs are expensive compared to hand-woven rugs because the production process of hand-knotted rugs is long and complicated. It is made with better quality wool, and it requires a more skilled person to make the finer knots. Thus the prices of hand-knotted rugs become higher.

People like the classic design of the hand-knotted rugs because it reflects the past culture. Hand-woven and hand-knotted rugs are made from natural fibers as well, that is called natural rugs. These rugs are highly demanded as compared to the machine-made rugs that are produced from synthetic materials.

Natural Rugs are those rugs that fibers are extracted from plants or animals. They are available easily in the market at affordable prices. There are various types of natural rugs, such as seagrass, jute, wool, hemp, and sisal. Many people think that the sisal and jute rugs are the same, but they are different. The experienced person can identify the difference in few qualities of both of them. The natural rugs are knotted from hands because people like them the most. Their designs are nicely crafted by skilled labor.

The history behind the Rugs Business

Due to Islam’s victory in other countries, some rugs weavers and Persian designers are migrated to India and other Islamic countries. In India, these people have started the workshops in which they teach the weaving of the rugs or carpets to rural areas’ children. In India, the labor prices were low due to poverty as compared to Iran and Turkey. The raw material was expensive, but due to cheap labor, the rugs’ prices were reduced in the International market. Thus the production enhances due to the enhancive supply from these countries in the world market. The demands of the Turkish and Iran rugs or carpets were facing a vast loss in their sales.

Indian rugs or carpets were sold in the world market by presenting that this is from Turkey or Iran. Due to all these circumstances, the Iran and Turkish rugs companies’ share has down, and they faced losses in their business.

There are lots of examples of the online rugs businesses you can find in your surroundings. Here are also RugKnots that are selling various varieties of foreign rugs in the USA. It is an online platform.


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