10 Reasons Businesses Should Focus on Sustainability in Today’s Time


As industries continue to progress, customers are becoming more well-informed regarding the negative influence of carbon emissions on our planet’s climate. It’s estimated that one-fourth of these emissions came from industries alone last year. That’s why modern-day organizations should focus on reusing, reducing, and recycling to eliminate harmful emissions. More importantly, committing to “sustainable” practices can enable future generations to meet their needs properly.

The business sector can’t ignore the importance of sustainability as it’s increasingly becoming a necessity for survival in 2022. Now, let’s see how embracing sustainability benefits companies and contributes to their profitability.

Business benefits of becoming sustainable in 2022

Customers demand sustainability incessantly, and some are even willing to switch to brands that adhere to sustainable practices. Organizations in the 21st century don’t exist merely to increase profitability. Instead, they must adhere to corporate social responsibility (CSR) for considering how their activities impact the environment.

CSR initiatives entail how sustainable practices can enhance a company’s longevity. A socially responsible organization focuses on reducing pollution, diminishing wastage, and eliminating plastic. In 2022, companies that don’t practice sustainability encounter public disapproval. It seems proper to describe the advantages of focusing on sustainability today for businesses:

1) Gaining competitive advantage

Sustainable practices help companies attain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Various surveys show that organizations with employees sharing a common purpose are more successful.

An organization where workers contribute to making the world a better place – instead of just receiving paychecks – can enhance its productivity exponentially. You’ll observe greater employee satisfaction as the company makes sustainability a crucial policy by becoming more environmentally friendly.

However, to draft strategies that revolve around sustainability and strive to boost environmental health, it’s crucial to have a team of experts on board. For this purpose, it’s viable to hire business professionals with MBA General Online Program credentials. Combining their online learning with industry experience, these professionals will enable your organization to remain on top of the sustainability trend. Besides, sustainable companies attract fresh talent as millennials today are prepared to work for brands that care about their ecological footprint.

2) Protecting supply chains

Sustainability doesn’t merely promise to prevent climate change or contribute to making the world a better place. It’s also beneficial for supply chains.

It’s no secret that subpar logistics have led to delays and disruptions, thereby causing operational challenges for organizations. So, it’s integral to incorporate sustainability into corporate risk-management procedures. That’s how you avoid delays from disrupting supply chains. Sustainable practices ensure the success of all logistics endeavors.

3) Improving brand image

A company’s brand image is influenced by “doing good” publicly today. For instance, companies can become favorable in public opinion if they’ve adhered to sustainable practices while refraining from harming the environment. Surveys show that many customers consider a company’s carbon impact before purchasing from it.

So, brands practicing sustainable practices can boost their image and become well-liked globally. Sustainability is now a pillar of modern advertising campaigns too.

4) Attracting more customers

Customers are becoming more sensitive about how their purchasing decisions impact the world. So, we learned that 73% of consumers in 2019 wanted to change their behavior to diminish their influence on the environment. Moreover, millennials are now prepared to switch to brands that have adopted sustainable practices.

Therefore, companies should target sustainability-oriented customers and attempt to convert this untapped market. That’s how sustainability contributes to a company’s profitability.

5) Surviving future crises

While facing economic hardships, companies can survive recessions by adopting sustainability as an ideal. Besides, sustainability encourages organizations to become responsible for their stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders. When a company considers itself responsible, it outperforms its competitors and becomes well-prepared to face future crises.

So, modern-day organizations must focus more on cultivating sustainability.

6) Becoming more productive

Critics have argued that sustainability isn’t cost-effective. Many companies can’t afford to adhere to these expensive practices. However, impartial appraisals have indicated how sustainability streamlines operations and conserves resources. What’s more, sustainable practices can enhance your workforce’s productivity while reducing overall expenses.

These practices range from simple ones (turning off all needless lights) to complex ones (installing geothermal cooling systems).

7) Creating new opportunities

Organizations can leverage their sustainability propositions to create better business opportunities for themselves in the future. For instance, the Chinese government recently rolled out over $3 trillion worth of investment opportunities for companies fighting airborne pollution. So, sustainability may help companies utilize these opportunities and expand their influence.

We need companies to make corporate strategies for sustainability. That’s how companies can align it with business objectives.

8) Reducing operational costs

Sustainability increases your organization’s overall efficiency. A McKinsey survey has indicated that a company can improve operational expenditures by 60% by reducing how much water and energy has been utilized. As a result, organizations can enhance their profitability after lowering such expenditures.

They can improve their relations with not just the government but also local, native communities. It’s another reason modern-day organizations should consider sustainable practices as their future discourse.

9) Complying with regulations

The looming dangers of climate change and dwindling resources have compelled governments to lay down strict regulations making sustainability an inescapable requirement. Now, the business sector is required to comply with these regulations religiously. Integrating sustainability into your business is helpful to meet the demands of these everchanging regulations punctually.

In the 21st century, CSR hasn’t remained merely a “PR stunt”; instead, it’s now the collective responsibility of all companies.

10) Investing long-term

In the end, sustainability constitutes a long-term investment opportunity for businesses. From the wealthiest individuals on earth to international organizations – people focus on sustainability as a means for our species’ survival. Companies that haven’t boarded this bandwagon are missing out on several lucrative investment opportunities for the future. It’s estimated that the renewable energy market will exceed $2.15 trillion by 2025.

From a purely business perspective, it seems rational to adopt sustainable practices.


What does “sustainability” mean for a business? Organizations should focus on the pillars of sustainability, i.e., social, economic, and environmental. Adopting sustainable practices ensures that humans today are provided for their needs without compromising future needs. How does sustainability benefit a business in 2022? Companies can enhance their productivity, reduce operational expenditures, and comply with government regulations by adopting sustainable practices.

Moreover, sustainability helps organizations attract fresh talent and meet consumer needs properly. As you protect your supply chains, sustainability enables you to future-proof the company from crises. That’s why it’s essential to become sustainable.

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