Work-Related Eye Injuries: 5 Reasons to Wear Safety Glasses at Work

Work-Related Eye Injuries 5 Reasons to Wear Safety Glasses at Work

Smoke, pollution, UV rays, technology — so many things can damage your eyesight daily. So, why add your workplace to the mix? Work-related eye injuries are common if you work where there are even small eye hazards. A staggering 2,000 people have job-related eye injuries every day in the United States.

At high-risk jobs, anything from metal slivers and loose nails to wood chips can damage your eyes. If you work with welding tools or industrial chemicals, you’re at a higher risk. You could suffer catastrophic injuries from a chemical splash or you could suffer personal injury from pipeline explosions.

However, you could be at risk of one of these issues even if you don’t work a high-risk job. What’s more? Exposure to contaminants can lead to problems like eye infections. The best solution for almost all these issues is a simple one. Don’t skip the safety glasses! Protective eyewear (like safety goggles) can seem unnecessary for specific jobs. However, there are benefits like UV protection and the chance of a better injury claim. Read on to see why you should wear your safety goggles.

Safety Glasses Could Help you Get fair Compensation

Safety goggles won’t always prevent an eye injury. However, these glasses can help you get more out of your injury claim. If you get a serious injury at work, you can file a lawsuit against your company for negligence. Or, you can claim insurance to help with your medical bills. If you weren’t wearing safety glasses, you might have trouble with an injury claim. And, your insurance company could claim it was your wrongdoing. It will reduce your chances of fair compensation — if you’re entitled to any at all.

To ensure you get fair compensation, hire an attorney to help out with the claim. A personal injury lawyer will negotiate with your insurance company or your workplace. An attorney can also help with a personal injury case for negligence. And, they can negotiate coverage for medical expenses with an insurance company.

It’s a good idea to find a personal injury lawyer from a law firm in your area. You will get personal attention, and a local legal team will also give you better legal advice. They will have more knowledge of your legal rights according to local laws. For example, find personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque for injury claims in Albuquerque. They will handle it better than a personal injury attorney from another part of New Mexico. Compare legal representation online before picking an attorney for your injury case.

Safety Glasses Can Prevent Catastrophic Injuries

If you work with chemicals, you already know how essential safety goggles are. However, they help even if you work with oil, heavy machinery, or material like wood. Safety glasses protect you from chemical splashes, hot oil spills, and stray splinters.

The glasses will also help prevent you from rubbing your eyes. Foreign particles can lift off the skin of your fingers into your retina before you realize it. It can cause severe injury and lead to high medical expenses. Rule of thumb: Keep the glasses on, whether you think you need them or not.

Safety Glasses Will Protect you from the Sun

Safety Glasses

Do you work outdoors? If so, sunglasses aren’t enough protection from harmful UV rays. UV rays can damage eye tissue, lead to vision problems, and often result in permanent damage. The best way to ensure UV protection is to wear safety glasses. And, the type of eyewear matters just as much. A good pair, like UVEX safety glasses, can prevent workplace injuries and damage from UV rays.

Proper eyewear features a design that keeps your eyes and the surrounding area safe. To ensure you don’t need to take them off for any reason, they should also have anti-fog lenses. And, make sure the UV protection level of the lenses is high enough to protect you outdoors.

Glasses Prevent Vision-Loss

Do you spend every waking hour in front of a computer? Does your workday involve staring at screens? Even if you don’t work outdoors or with hazardous materials — you still need proper eye wear. Technology can lead to computer vision syndrome, blurred vision, and dry eyes. Eventually, you could suffer from eye injuries and vision loss.

Don’t ditch the safety goggles just because you work indoors. A good pair, preferably with coated lenses, can help keep your eyes safe. Glasses with a good lens coating can reduce the glare from a screen and prevent eye fatigue.

Eye Wear Helps to Keep Eye illness at Bay

You don’t have to wear big, bulky eye wear if you work indoors. However, skipping safety goggles altogether is not the best idea. You never know what particles are floating in the air in your workspace. How many infections do you come into contact with every day? Does someone around you have a contagious eye disease? What about pollution, dust, and airborne eye irritants?

Of course, you can’t control everything around you at work. The best way to prevent eye illnesses is to wear safety glasses. Proper eye wear can prevent everything from a more serious injury to eye growths and pink eye.


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