5 Reasons Why 2020 Should Be the Year You Start Taking Bitcoin Seriously


Bitcoin has been in existence for over ten years now; almost everyone knows well about bitcoin majorly. Very few of us actually take bitcoin pretty seriously. There are some people who are still in a lot of doubt about how to start securing bitcoin.

Many people have heard that bitcoin is the best kind of investment. There is a lack of education in the case of bitcoin. Hence many are unable to adopt bitcoin as a part of their life. Here we will give you five reasons why you think you should take up bitcoin seriously.

A bitcoin works completely like any traditional currency, and it has to be just another way of saying that more and more people must encourage each other to start using bitcoins. If you visit blockchainmagazine.net, you will find some interesting information about Bitcoins.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Bitcoins from 2020 Onwards

There are many or innumerable reasons, but here we will give you some of them, which are genuine reasons. It is now time to move digital in all spheres, hence why not make digital money or use digital money. Here are some of the pointers that you must follow.

Bitcoins do not have Frauds

Once payment is made, there is no chance of fraud. You can safely send your money to whoever you want. You can send it to the address, and no one from the between can intervene in your account. Hence it is fraud-proof. Plus, there is no chance of misplacement. You will send the money to the exact address, and it will reach the exact person. Everyone who uses cash once in the lifetime definitely faces some fraud. But in bitcoin there is no fraud, no third person can involve unless you allow the 3rd person to enter.

Theft Proof

The wallets that are made for keeping the bitcoins are ultra-safe, as in the wallets are very strong, and if you manage to keep your bitcoins safe, then you will be able to make a lot of profit. The main concern of money and gold is to keep it safe, but you never have the idea of how you can do so. In the case of bitcoins, you will find hardware wallets or software wallets in which you can keep your bitcoin extremely secured. This possibility is absolutely absent in money or other such things.

Easily Accessible

If you want to give cash to someone, you need to meet the person personally to provide the money. If you want to do a bank transfer, then you will have to wait for the bank hours so that you can make the payment, but if you want to make payment at any time of the day, then you can undoubtedly choose bitcoin it is the best option that you can thrive on.

Abundance of Asset

The best thing about bitcoin is that there is no need to pay any tax. At least as of now, many of the countries have been thinking of taking up tax payment on bitcoin, but they have not yet launched it. Hence there is a high possibility that some countries would make bitcoin accounted for taxing. When you have too much of an asset, you will be able to have more hard cash saved than digital gold. It means that digital gold can be used for other purposes too.


You are the only owner of the bitcoin that you have; hence no one else apart from you gets to control your asset. You will control all your money, also who will send you money and who you will send your money to. Ownership of the digital asset is the only prime objective of having bitcoin. No is going to stop you from sending money or accepting it.


You need to be extremely resistant while using bitcoins, and there could be ups and downs as there are some disadvantages of using bitcoin because it is extremely volatile. But it is your duty to figure out how you are going to face the loss.


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