5 Reasons why Small Businesses should Use Video Marketing


Do you want your business to stand out of the crowd?

Do you want to grab visitors’ attention?

Are you pondering over the most affordable way to increase sales?

The struggle is over! Video marketing is here. It will help you improve your performance and let you generate excellent results. It would not be wrong to consider videos as a future of marketing. Sharing appealing and informative videos on social media platforms will help organizations achieve their marketing. According to the statistics, 87% of marketers use video content to showcase their products/services.

To create excellent videos, brands choose the best explainer video production company. It will help you produce professional videos at an affordable cost. Well! The benefits of videos are endless.

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Still not satisfied then visit https://www.standbyproductions.co.uk/? Below are some reasons that will definitely inspire you to add videos in your marketing toolkit.

Why should small businesses use video marketing?

Let’s roll!

Increase Conversion Rate

Every organization aims to convert visitors into leads and generate long term relationships with customers. Are you one of them? Well! Video marketing is one of the most successful ways to make some serious money without breaking the bank.

According to the research, the organizations that incorporate product videos on their landing pages experience an 80% improvement in their conversion rate. Irrespective of your work category, you can produce videos to double your conversions.

Remember, the higher the conversions, the better the business growth. 75% of people who watch explainer videos land on the decision to purchase the product. So, if you also want to convert your visitors into customers, then start crafting exciting videos. Invest in top corporate video production services to get the best results. It may seem a little costly in the beginning, but the returns will be worth it.

Increase product understanding

Understanding the product better is the most important thing that inspires people to stay on the website and make purchases. If I talk about small businesses, they are more likely to share new and complex concepts with visitors to build strong relations and increase ROI.

Well! Sharing information with the customers about the product/service is not so easy, but with videos, you can clarify the ideas clearly and quickly. According to the HubSpot research, more than 72% of the users believe that videos help understand the concerts better.

So, if you are planning to tell a strong story, and bring concepts to life in a much appealing way, then there is no better way than videos. It will help you convey even the hardest content to the buyers. Now, without any second thought, start creating perfect animated videos as it is a perfect combination of simplicity, fun, and nostalgia.

Builds Trust

Trust is another major advantage that you can avail of by creating appealing and interesting videos. Well! Trust is the base of every business. If the organizations are able to build customers’ trust, then it will become easy for marketers to increase the conversions. Once you are able to build long term relations, then your potential customers will act as a promoter.

The entire concept of marketing is based on trust. Well! That’s where videos come into play. Through videos, you can easily entice the audience and ignite their emotions. 57% of the people say that after watching small and informative videos, they get more confidence to purchase the products or avail of online services.

So, what are you looking for? Start promoting your brand by building visitors’ trust via effective videos.

Drive organic traffic

Every marketer is using one or the other marketing approach to increase their website traffic and accelerate sales. Indeed, there are hundreds of digital marketing strategies, but video marketing is a proven way to drive organic traffic.

Recent studies found that 62%of the brands who are making the most of videos are successful in increasing the organic traffic to their website. As people don’t have enough time to read long formatted content, therefore, a short and attractive video will help you engage visitors and compel them to stay on your website for longer.

Attracting and retaining more visitors will also help you reach wide audiences. So, if you want to double your marketing power, start digging deep into videos. It’s important to pay attention to small details such as video transitions. High-quality seamless transitions will make your video more professional and more enjoyable to watch.

Boost your site’s SEO

As every business is over the internet, thus it is becoming challenging to be on the top list of Google. If I am not wrong, you might be the one who is struggling to improve your website SEO. Videos are a one-stop solution for every brand. It will not only help you improve your website ranking but also accelerates your click-through rate.

Google algorithms change frequently, but the video is something that Google loves. Websites that incorporate videos are 50%more likely to be found on the first page of Google. Remember, the better the performance, the more the chances to convert the visitors into leads.

So, whenever you create videos, make sure it is short, educational, and appealing. Crisp videos encourage visitors’ actions and encourage social shares.

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In a Nutshell

Indeed, video marketing is winning the hearts of people. It is not only affordable but also one of the most entertaining and inspiring ways to share knowledge all across the globe.

There are tremendous reasons that inspire small businesses to add videos in their marketing strategy, but hopefully, the above-added points are enough to realize the importance of videos in marketing.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the concert, it’s the right time to promote your brand via enthusiastic and promotional videos.


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