5 Reasons why You should Use Pens in Business Meetings


Meetings are a critical aspect of your business. The meeting is a gathering of employees inside the organization to discuss problems find solutions and make plans for the success of the organization. Meetings can be with people inside and outside of the organization. You can also do a meeting with your competitor and maybe for collaboration purposes. In all meetings, you are representing yourself to the others. Therefore, look well-managed so you can show your personality aspects to others. Every business needs pens for promotional purposes, taking notes, and gifting to employees.

Let us explain the reasons you should use pens in business meetings

1) Clients will be more likely to consider your company

Plastic pens can break, be discarded, and be forgotten, but keeping a high-quality pen in your shirt’s pocket will communicate your reliability to the client. He will consider you in the future just because of your reliability.

 2) Clients will get an image of your brand.

Imagine you are in a business meeting with your client. While consulting with them, you are writing all the points on a piece of paper with your brand’s pen. At the end of the meeting, when a client asks for the notes to see what you have written, he will get the complete image of your brand just by observing what you write and asking about it.

3) Pens are the signs of how much you value your employees.

Every organization has a specific culture. You can set a tradition of giving a High-quality Jotted Line pens to the new hire. Make it more meaningful with the employee’s name engraved on it. Rollerball pens not only help in writing, but they are symbolic.

4) Hand-Written notes are easy to remember.

Productivity is the practical benefit pens bring to the corporate workplace. Most businesses use computers and smartphones for notes taking purposes. But studies show that writing with a pen helps to retain information.

Pens will help you and your employees recall things in the meeting better than just typing information on the computer. The pen leaves an indelible mark.

5) Your team members will participate enough.

When all team members have the brand pen, they will feel more engaged and coordinate efforts. Employees will communicate with consideration when they all have the same pen as a distinct mark of the organization. All employees having the same thing gives a sense of equality among the team members.

Benefits of using a pen

You retain the information better.

In a survey by Pilot Pen Australia, 62% of Australians preferred handwritten lists because they were easier to reference, while 82% of students remembered written text better than typing.


Pens can convey the message more efficiently than words. Pens had not lost their importance in the time of smartphones and computers. It is a helpful tool for your brand marketing. If you want to buy a quality pen, consider the parker pen. They have a range of Rollerballs, ballpoints, and fountain pens.

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