4 Reasons you should learn German


One of the most widely spoken languages in Europe, the German language is the glue that holds Germany and other German speaking countries together. There are several good reasons to learn German language in terms of cultural gains or networking potential.

Whether you are an international student in Germany or just want to give the language a try in your free time, you can benefit from reading this blog. Read ahead to learn about 5 amazing benefits of learning German.

1) German is relatively easy to learn

Let’s debunk the myth once in for all that learning the German language can be very difficult. In fact, German is especially easy to learn if you are already fluent in English.

German and English share the root of the same language. Thus, hundreds of German worlds resemble their English counterparts. For instance, water is known as “wasser” in German while a father is known as “vater.”

In addition, German follows the same script as English so it can be further easy to pick up the language basics. A good German tutor can also introduce you to many shortcuts which can further simplify your learning process.

2) It is the language of innovators and inventors

Germany is renowned worldwide as a land of poets and thinkers right from the age of the European Renaissance. The country has received more than a hundred Nobel Prizes in both the arts and sciences.

Learning the German language can help you get a bit closer to the free-thinking spirit of the Germans and appreciate their academic and scientific curiosity.

3) The language is rather prominent in academic circles

With so many advancements in science and the arts being accomplished by Germans, it isn’t a wonder that the German language has significant academic significance.

Learning the language can help you explore the thousands of books, research papers, booklets, and other academic resources printed in German. In fact, many surveys have reported that the German book market is the third-largest in the world. With your German skills, you will be able to explore the rich German literature for yourself.

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4) Learning the language can help you take advantage of the German education system

The German higher education system is famous for its excellence and academic standards. That’s why, the country attracts plenty of international students every year across different disciplines.

If you are planning to pursue your studies in Germany, learning the German language can help you adjust to your life in the country better.

Learning German can also help you interact with the locals in other parts of Europe since it is one of the most widely spoken languages on the continent.

If you are looking for more reasons to learn the language, you can add in the fact that you might find Germans everywhere on the planet. Even if you are not planning to visit a German-speaking country, there are chances of bumping into a German tourist in your country!

The best way to start learning German is to enroll in a language course from a reputed university. Check out all the German courses near you and select one that suits your interests.


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