What is Reverse Phone Lookup and How to Use It?


There are lots of very useful services out there that you do not hear very much about. They are not fashionable or sexy. Yet, many of them are very good and come in handy more often than you would expect.

One example of this is the Whitepages.com reverse phone lookup service. It has been around for many years now. Yet, it is not something many people would think of using.

To use the service you type in a phone number, including the area code and hit search. Provided that number is in their database, the system tells you who that telephone number belongs to.

Use reverse phone lookup to identify missed calls

It is a very effective way to track down any calls that you miss. Provided you have the full number you can easily find out who was trying to contact you. Once you know you can ring them back.

Screen your calls using a reverse number lookup service

On the other hand if they look like a cold caller, you can decide not to call them back. You may even want to use a service like Hiya to block that number, so you are not disturbed by them again.

Find an address you have forgotten

A lot of the numbers in their database have address details included. So, if you have forgotten a friend’s address there is a good chance that you can find it using their service. For example, perhaps you regularly ring a distant relative that lives a long way away. If there is a death in their family the chances are you will want to send a condolence card. Asking them for their address at a time like that would not be ideal. Instead, you can see if you can find out by using a reverse phone number lookup service. Often, you will be able to do so.

Find out more about a job applicant

If you run a company and need to recruit someone new you will want to be sure that all of the applicants are genuine. One way of quickly weeding out the fake applicants is to run a reverse lookup on their phone number. If you see that their address does not match the home town on their application you can move their resume down your list. Or, if you prefer, ask them to explain this anomaly.

Tips to help you to use this type of service

As you can see a reverse phone number lookup service can be incredibly useful. Far more than you might have originally thought. But, like all tools, you will get more out of them if you learn how to use them in the right way.

If you do not get many results using just the phone number, look to see if there is an advanced search facility. Often, there will be one. Using this you can add an email address or other detail. This extra information helps the system to search deeper and makes it more likely it will find and present to you the information you need.


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