Top Tips for Hiring the Right Candidate Every Time


When you are recruiting someone to join your business, you want to ensure that you are getting the right person every single time you make an offer of employment. While you cannot always control whether they will take the job, you have full control over who you decide to offer the job to. Here are some of the top tips we can give you to ensure that you are hiring the right candidate every time.

Use an Executive Search Firm

Using an executive staffing agency can take some of the hassle out of trying to set up a recruitment period. Professionals will listen to what you want from the candidate and they will search to find people who best fit the profile you describe. For example, the search firm TruPath take a hands-on approach by learning about what you do and where you’ve struggled with recruitment so far. They then use professional networks and meet every candidate face to face to help make the best decision.

When you use a recruitment agency, they will be able to search avenues you might not be able to. They know the job market inside and out and they may even have some contacts who can point them in the direction of fantastic potential hires for you who were unaware of what you were offering.

Test Multiple Skills

There is something to say about odd “interview questions”. Asking a candidate things like “What is your go-to karaoke song?” or “If you could take anyone to dinner, who would it be?” may seem a little out of place, especially in a formal interview, but they really show a different side to the candidate.

You will have to work alongside them everyday for hopefully quite a long time and you want to ensure that their personality will mesh well with the others in the office. You should also listen to the questions they ask; are they ready to know more about the business? Do they seem genuinely curious and passionate about the role?

Prepare for Round 2

Congratulations, you have found the perfect candidate! However, when you offer them the job, they decide to turn down the offer. If you did not like any of the other candidates from that round of interviews, don’t be afraid to reopen the job posting. It may seem tedious and unnecessary to hope for a second batch of candidates but it might be entirely worth it.

The truly perfect candidate might have found the advert too late last time to have made an application. Without this second round, they will be able to finally submit the application and show you everything they have to offer you. Don’t offer the job to a less than subpar candidate if you know there is a chance that there is a better one waiting for you.

With these top tips, it should not take you long to track down the perfect candidate for your vacancy. Don’t be afraid to advertise the job multiple times if it means you can find the right person for you, and don’t forget to interview them thoroughly. Every candidate is different and every one of them could fulfill your role in a different way; it won’t be long before you know exactly what you want!

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