Which Businesses are at Increased Risk of Personal Injury Liability?


Certain types of businesses – by virtue of the products or services they provide – are more likely than others to find themselves liable for personal injuries. Whether sustained by customers, employees, or outside parties who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, personal injuries lead to lawsuits and settlements which can cripple an enterprise if it’s not adequately insured.

With this in mind, it’s important for would-be business owners to know whether or not they’re about to enter an industry where the risk of personal injury liability is significantly increased. Awareness will alert them to the critical importance of various insurance policies and management practices for reducing the financial risk of being at-fault for someone’s injuries.

Here is a list of popular businesses where the risk of personal injury liability is above-average:

Travel and Transportation

Businesses that depend on a fleet of vehicles on the will be exposed to a high level of liability for personal injuries in the event the driver of one of these vehicles is to blame for a serious accident. According to the Indiana-based Emerson Law Firm, automobile-related injuries take up the biggest portion of cases. Whether it’s accidents involving delivery vans, semi-trucks, or any number of other business-based vehicles, companies in the travel and transportation industries need to ensure they’re insured to the hilt. What’s more, driver screening and training are also essential for reducing the risk of personal injury liability.

Dental and Medical

Serious injuries and wrongful death stemming from medical malpractice make up the second-biggest portion of most personal injury law firm caseloads. In fact, medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer. This places a tremendous amount of liability on the medical professionals entrusted with patient care and wellness. Many doctors and dentists are routinely accused of medical malpractice and must be prepared to deal with it on a regular basis.

Shops and Stores

Businesses that rely on customers to be physically present on their premises in order to make purchases are at an inherent risk of personal injury liability. Slips and falls, being struck by falling objects, or being physically harmed by personnel are all common ways in which customers can find themselves seriously injured in shops and stores. This is why store owners and shopkeepers should always have a general liability insurance policy in place, no matter how much foot traffic they’re getting in a given day. It only takes one bad accident to put you out of business for good.

Bars and Clubs

There are several ways bar and club owners can find themselves liable for personal injuries. Inadequate security is one example, since most bars and clubs are expected to have some form of security on-site at all times. Another way in which a bar or club owner can be held liable for personal injury is if someone they sold alcohol to ends up getting into a bad motor vehicle accident while drinking and driving.

Amusements and Attractions

Whether it’s thrill rides at a theme park, wild animals at a zoo or operations overseeing extreme experiences like skydiving and bungee jumping, the risk for serious injuries is going to be exceptionally elevated. While the true risks are often much lower than the perceived risks – many of these types of experiences are sought after by virtue of seeming dangerous – business owners will want to be insured as much as possible as well as maintain a no-nonsense approach to safety and proper training.

Some types of businesses are simply more likely than others to be liable for personal injuries. Yet there are always people willing to take the risk. By having great insurance coverage, properly trained staff, and a company culture focused on safety, businesses in these industries can still succeed despite the risks involved.

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