Running a Business from Your Mobile Phone


In this day and age, everyone is always on their phones whether they are scrolling through social media, playing games, or texting their friends. Mobile phones are now an essential to the modern world and most businesses can’t function without them. Despite this, you can now build a business solely from your phone which is incredibly practical in our technologically driven sphere.

The only problem is that if your phone dies, it will be difficult to access your business. However, this need not be of worry as tech companies such as Ideal Power provide power supply products to keep business booming.

Collaborate and Communicate from Anywhere

Not only do phones of today allow you to call and text but there is all manner of video conferencing software available. This was only made more prominent by the COVID-19 pandemic, wherein everyone was forced to interact with their colleagues, classmates, teachers, and students via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype.

Similarly, there are all-in-one phone, messaging, and video conferencing apps that can be downloaded to your phone to make and receive business calls with ease. This is particularly effective for customer-facing roles as this will give you a business number, meaning that you don’t have to give your personal contact details to business clients.

Furthermore, software such as Google Docs and Google Drive allows you to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues on projects. These apps allow everyone with access to view and edit documents so that everyone is kept within the same loop.

Make Payments on the Go

Business is all about managing money and online banking apps allow you to transfer money and track your funds on the go. As well as this, debit and credit cards are slowly losing prominence due to the development of systems such as apple and google pay. Additionally, there are multiple spreadsheet software now available for mobile that you can create invoices and record ingoing and outgoings. Your phone is the ultimate money manager.

Create Content

The most effective way to spread the word about your business is through the constant generation of content. This content includes social media posts, online blogs, and online adverts; each of which can be produced from your phone. There are now apps that will share your social media content across all social media platforms on a timer so that even if you’re busy dealing with something else, you are still constantly attracting new interest.

Manage Your Time

A mobile phone run business gives you free rein on how you want to use your time and you won’t be restricted to a tight nine ‘til five schedule. You can incorporate a mobile phone run business into your life, rather than incorporating your life into the business. This gives you the opportunity to perfect the tricky work-life balance that so many people in traditional positions struggle to do.

Not only does this format allow you to have complete control over your time, but it allows you to track it so that you can monitor productivity. There are many software that give you the means of creating schedules so that you can check off what needs to be done each day. Similarly, you can sync these lists and calendars with colleagues so that everyone is aware of who is available during what times.

Offer Accessible Customer Service

Working from your mobile means that you will usually be available throughout the day, allowing you to deliver exceptional customer service. Most people work within the hours of 8 am and 6 pm and it can be difficult to contact businesses outside of these hours. This will make your business stand out in the best way.


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