Running an Effective Website: A Complete Guide


Running a website effectively requires organization, creativity, and a knack for problem-solving. If you’re motivated to create the most engaging website possible, using all of the on-site techniques available to you, you’ll know that you need to be a cut above the competition. Whether your website is a blog, a news site, a business website, or a portfolio, here’s how you’ll optimize your approach to gain more traffic and engage more people in your communications online.

Traffic Streams

One of the key metrics by which you’ll measure your website’s success is the traffic you’re bringing in. If that figure is increasing, you’ll know you’re doing a good job. If it’s staying the same or decreasing, you’ll need to address this issue head-on to avoid fading into obscurity. Traffic can be gathered in a number of ways, but fundamental to your traffic performance is understanding where it’s coming from in the first place.

Your backend will be able to provide you with some indication of where your traffic is emerging from. Much of it will come from search engines such as Google. Some will come from your marketing material and adverts you’ve placed online. But don’t forget the click-through that you can enjoy from social media posts, videos, and email marketing messages too. Make use of all the traffic streams available to you in order to give yourself the best chance of boosting your traffic.

Technical Edits

Your website isn’t just what appears to the naked eye when your URL is loaded. It’s also a complex web of code, which you may or may not have had some part in writing yourself. This code is important, as it’s one of the key parts of your website that search engines such as Google will look through in order to decide upon your website’s reputation, authority, and trustworthiness. If that code is clean and reliable, you’ll be ranked higher on Google’s search engine results pages, which means far more traffic for your website.

As such, tweaking your backend code to ensure it’s readable for Google is a must for website managers who are looking to improve their performance. Make sure you’re doing the simple things right, such as labeling images appropriately, giving your headers and sub-headers the right heading reference, and ensuring that your text is marked up appropriately to be scanned for keywords that Google will take into account when presenting your website to web users.

Resource Management

When you’re managing a website, you’ll often find yourself designing new pages or uploading new content to your existing pages. That’s part and parcel of the job, and you’ll often be reaching for digital assets such as designs and graphics to help you make your content more compelling. The problem is that you’ll likely waste quite some time searching for the right image to use in your posts, which can mean time wasted optimizing your website.

This is where a digital asset management program (DAM) can be of significant help to website managers. Resources for WordPress can be contained in simple, cloud-based files in order for you to never be a click away from the kinds of materials that you need to make your content stunning and engaging. Trial such software to learn how much time it can save you when you’re constructing and editing your website.


Your website isn’t necessarily a one-way street. You’re not just talking to your viewers or customers; you’re also being talked back at via comments or the contact section of your website. When you’re being communicated with via your website, you need to make sure that you’re responding rapidly, as no response can often alienate web users and make you look unprofessional. As such, being able to manage your communications is another key aspect of successful website management.

Set up email alerts on your smartphone that’ll tell you when someone has commented on your website. Use the contact section of your site to filter communications you receive by asking those getting in touch about the reason for their message. These steps will help you better foster a community on your website while coming across as responsive and sensitive to your customer base.


If you’re running a website single-handedly, you may well be producing all of the site’s content yourself. If it’s part of a larger operation, you may be uploading content created by other people to your pages rather than creating it yourself. In either case, you need to make sure your content is first-class, as that’s the key to retaining existing traffic and encouraging more people onto your website.

Creating compelling and engaging content takes time. You don’t just want to rehash what a hundred other people have written or created. Instead, you want to be offering something novel and exciting to consumers, who will regard your website as authoritative and useful precisely because of your original and thoughtful content. If you’re struggling to create the best possible content for your website, consider hiring a professional who can create content for you on a freelance, casual basis. That’ll help you stack up more posts and impress more visitors.


Some website managers have been working for years on the same project. They’ve been updating their website daily with new content, but they’re seeing their traffic tail off. Sometimes this is nothing to do with the quality of your content or the aptitude of your SEO and everything to do with the appearance and functionality of your website. To put it simply, web users are turned off by out-of-date websites and are much more likely to stick by you if you are committed to modernizing.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. It can be difficult to learn new website editing techniques or to revamp your entire collection of pages. But this is a task you should be willing to undertake, as it’ll show that you’re committed to the cutting edge, which is something all web users appreciate.

These tips are designed to help any website manager better control the direction of their website, gaining more traffic and better engagement as a result.


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