RV Maintenance Tips & Tricks for Your Summer Roadtrips


Taking the RV out for road trips is a summer highlight for many. It is a great way to experience the country and spend time with your family. However, summertime temps, the sun, and excess use can wear down the RV quickly. You need to perform regular maintenance if you do not want the RV to break down and if you want it to last all summer. Whether you need custom truck covers for the vehicle you are pulling behind, or if your tires need an update, the best time to start preparing is in spring, so that when summer arrives you are ready to hit the road.

Cover Your RV with the Best Material

The sun and high temperatures can be hard on your RV’s exterior and wear it down. Unlike cars, which are fairly easy to keep undercover in a garage or other structure, the size of an RV often prevents that type of coverage. The best way to protect it, especially as it sits on your driveway in between road trips, is to use a cover. There are numerous types of RV covers that will protect your RV’s exterior and keep it looking like new.

Protect Your RV’s Interior from the Sun

Along with causing damage to the exterior of the RV, the sun also causes damage to the dashboard and other materials inside the vehicle. An RV cover will help minimize damage, but when you are on a trip, putting on a cover is not functional. To protect the interior during the day, place a sun shield in the front windshield to keep the sun’s rays from coming in. You should also keep shades drawn during the sunniest times of the day and search for window tinting near me to ensure you have ideal windows tint for the best protection.

Prepare for the First Roadtrip

Just as you may do spring cleaning in your house, you should perform a thorough cleaning before taking your RV out for the season. Clean it from top to bottom to get rid of dirt, dust, dead insects, and other debris.

Inspect and charge the batteries, as they may have lost juice while being stored. Test the generator, inspect the exterior for issues, and make sure the tires are in good working order. Top off all fluids, check the brakes, and inspect the waste tank and sewer hose. Check the water tank, sanitize it, and fill it with fresh water.

If you want everything to be perfect, you might also want to make sure your car’s exterior is in good condition, so you should check if your Ford RV needs touch-up paint before you go on your trip. There are many ways to do this, but it is easiest to do it yourself for minor scratches and dents.

Ongoing Maintenance Tips

Once you start taking your RV out for trips, you will need to perform regular maintenance, as driving many miles can take a toll:

  • Check, top off, and change the oil regularly
  • Top off with high-quality transmission fluid for a smooth ride
  • Make sure there is proper gear lube and replace if necessary
  • Check the batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Check Exhaust Temperature Sensor on a weekly basis and buy new one from https://www.dpfpartsdirect.com/collections/redline-egt-sensors

Preparation and Maintenance Make a Difference

Summer road trips are more fun when everything runs smoothly. Performing spring maintenance and regularly checking the RV’s systems will ensure a safe ride. If you have questions about nylon vs polyester car cover, or you have maintenance questions, contact an RV expert that can walk you through everything you need.

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