How Data Erasure Can Safeguard Data Security

Data Security

The advent of the digital age made Data Security one of the most valuable commodities. As a result, companies strive to protect their data from competitors. Otherwise, competitors can use the data to undermine and sabotage their business.

Data protection is also important because it upholds the integrity of a company. It prevents malicious use of clients’ sensitive information. Yet, what assures you that your data is beyond breach? Well, its absence.

You are confident that no one can breach your data if it doesn’t exist. This is to say that when you have data that you think has become absolute, the best way to protect it is to erase it. So, how do you do this? Read on.

Enter Data Erasure

The concept of data erasure refers to overwriting the data on a hard disk drive. Erasure eliminates all the electronic information that the disk holds. Data erasure is a software-based process; hence it does not destroy the drive. Instead, the software overwrites the data in the disc using a sequence of zeros and ones. Doing so makes the data previously stored on the drive unavailable to retrieve.

But don’t confuse data erasure with file deletion. In the former, the deleted file may not be visible but is still stored in the drive. As a result, one can retrieve the data using data recovery software. Thus, deleting your files from the hard drive does not count. Data erasure makes the data irretrievable, regardless of the recovery software one uses.
Before Erasing the Data

  • Backup Crucial Data

Since data erasure is irreversible, you should be cautious of when you use the method. Thus, only resort to data erasure once you have backed up all the files you think you might need in the future. Move the data that you need to either a backup device or cloud storage.
However, make sure that these platforms have adequate data security and do not expose the data to breaches. Creating a backup for files you will need later prevents regrets. Inconveniences arise when one loses crucial personal and business information.

  • Will You Need the Hard Drive Later?

Another point to consider before opting for data erasure is whether you will need the drive. Situations arise when some pieces of technology become obsolete. As a result, the outdated drives made long ago occupy ample space yet store little information.

If you are using such drives, you should upgrade. Shift to modern drives that are not only faster but also more secure and efficient in data storage. In case you are upgrading, then there is little need for the old drive. In such a case, you can opt for physical data destruction solutions such as shredding and grinding the outdated hard disk.

However, experts such as blancco advise people to seek data erasure solutions that do not involve the physical destruction of drives.

Secure Data Through Erasure

Finding trustworthy and reliable data erasure solutions is crucial. Therefore, settle for a company whose reputation is verified.

The first way through which data erasure safeguards data security is by making it unavailable for hackers. Hackers cannot retrieve any data from the overwritten hard disk. Therefore, the erasure process eliminates the risk of the data falling into the wrong hands.

Also, the process of data erasure is secure and efficient. The data erasure process is thorough and leaves nothing to chance. In some instances, the hard drive is overwritten several times to be sure that all data is irrecoverable. Additionally, the process of data erasure does not have data leakage. Data leaks lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Additionally, data erasure software abides by global compliance standards. Such compliance further assures one of the security of the data erasure process. The software generates automated reports and tamper-proof certificates. With these reports and certifications, you can confirm the efficiency of the data erasure process. Also, they contribute to safeguarding data security.

Bottom Line

Data grows and changes at an exponential rate. As a result, the need to erase obsolete and redundant data is continuous. Data erasure is the most reliable method of ridding your hard disks of data. The process comes with many benefits that contribute to safeguarding data security. Data erasure makes data irrecoverable.

As a result, it abolishes the threat of being hacked by removing information. Also, data erasure maintains the integrity of the data security by preventing information leak.

Moreover, the data erasure software abides by international standards. Hence, they release automated certificates and reports that confirm the protection of the process.

So, rest assured that data erasure enhances data security. Moreover, it maintains the integrity of your drive because it does not result in its destruction. Therefore, you can use the drive to store new data.


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