Safely Enjoying Your Holidays in Pandemic


Holidays is always a blessing after long working hours and days. It’s always special and most awaited days of year but this year, things are different. Celebrations are different, lifestyle is different. In fact, everything is different but don’t let this difference ruin your harmony and enjoyment.

This time, you wouldn’t be able to do what was so easy, must and common last year. This might sound a bit sad but it doesn’t matter as far as you are hopeful to live a healthy and a colour life just as before.

Reset your life in pandemic and follow the following advices to keep your sparks high:

Celebrations the events with enthusiasm:

Don’t let this pandemic take away your peace, spark and eagerness. Celebrate all kinds of the event with the same enthusiasm but with safety. Decorate your house for Diwali, Christmas, Eid or Halloween the way you did. Make delicious food and enjoy it with your family. It’s sad that no friends can be invited but be thankful that at least you have your family around to celebrate. Do it for your own happiness and for your family.

Avoiding gatherings is recommended but you can do visual gathering by calling your loved ones or you can enjoy the distant get-together.

The craving for gatherings:

If you are a gathering freak and cannot suppress the craving for the gatherings, prefer outdoor gathering with social distancing. Avoid getting too close to the people and maintain a safe distance for your and their safety. Follow all SOPs and avoid large gatherings. Prefer outdoor gatherings only. Don’t invite those guests who need to travel from the other place. Use disposable stuff for the food and sanitize the hands after taking your food from the bowls and dishes.

Travelling to relax:

Off course, travelling can never be the same as before, not this year at least, but it can be done with precautions. Holidays are incomplete without travelling but this year you have to think more than twice to make such plans. It’s better to stay at home and safe but if this pandemic is aggravating your anxiety, let yourself free from this corona fear and travel for the change. But travel with a lot of protections.

Avoid distant travelling, prefer to travel by your own car, don’t stay anywhere without making sure about disinfection and keep your own utensils along (disposable is a good choice).Also, quarantine for at least 48-56 hours before you meet any of your loved once so that their safety is ensured. Enjoy 30% discount on holiday photo cards in 2020.

Travelling by plane:

Travelling by plane should be the least priority just for this year. But if you need to travel, make sure you try your best to be at the safe side. Keep the sanitizer with you and wear the mask all the time. Avoid eating food from outside and try to maintain a safe distance in the flight and on the airport. Quarantine yourself after you reach the destination and then go out to explore! After all, it’s your holidays and you deserve to enjoy it but with safety and security.

This pandemic has no doubt, revolutionized the world. It’s affecting the mental health of people and destroying the peace of mind. But don’t be among those who are losing their nerves. In fact, be the one who is fighters and survivors. Live your life with the same excitement but follow the safety rules. Have faith on God and don’t let this pandemic suck out your peaceful air.


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