Sales Invoicing Software – Sales Invoicing Guide For Small Businesses


Small businesses struggle more than large businesses with building a name for themselves and achieving cash flow efficiency. They might also struggle with getting the best deals from suppliers because they might not have sufficient volume to warrant a sizable discount. Lower turnover could also mean that there might not be a substantial budget for data security and management. However, what if we told you that all of these challenges can be improved at a nominal price tag of just GBP 20 per month?

Sales invoicing software is able to

  • Build greater cash flow efficiency by making sure your client invoices go out on time and by offering you support when it comes to follow-up
  • Help you plug supply chain leaks by intelligently analyzing all the supplier invoices that it has access to
  • Create a more professional appearance for your organization by
  • Error-free data
  • Well-managed secure data
  • Standardized invoicing
  • Client dashboard

What are sales invoicing software?

Sales invoicing software automates the data entry, invoicing, and accounting processes and uses artificial intelligence to deliver useful business insights. Sales invoicing software integrates with other accounting software to help take you from raw data to accounting books with ease, quickness, and convenience.

Benefits of sales invoicing software

  • With solutions like Dext invoicing software, your business can enjoy better productivity thanks to optical character recognition technology that extracts data from photos of bills, invoices, and receipts. This means no more manual data entry. Users simply upload a photo or scan of the source document and the data is automatically extracted, to be generated as digital text. Once you have digital text, you can edit, copy and export as required.
  • Better still, the digital text entries are sorted and categorized automatically by the system. Alternatively, you can set up your rules for the system to follow automatically.
  • You’ll also be far less likely to miss out on any payments from your customers or clients because tools like Dext invoicing software are able to streamline your entire invoicing process. You will have standardized invoices, automatically generated for you to send out on time.
  • Offering your clients a personalized dashboard that you get with brands like Dext invoicing software, allows them to readily access work submitted by you, pending invoices, and so on. It also makes you look extremely polished and professional.
  • Your own dashboard can be customized to deliver a view of a handful of business health metrics. This allows you to stay attuned to your small business’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Sales invoicing software is intelligent and uses all the data that you feed it wisely. It spots patterns and arrives at various useful business-related conclusions that are presented as business insights. Insights on supply chain leaks and the billable worth of various clients enable strategic moves by smart users.

Top considerations when choosing sales invoicing software

If you are considering adopting sales invoicing software, you are about to join scores of companies in the UK that have made a highly satisfying and successful migration to this must-have contemporary business tool.

  • How many login IDs?

Dext invoicing software is able to get you started at just GBP 20 per month for 5 user IDs and 3000 document scans per month! Figure out how many user IDs you need and be aware that you benefit from economies of scale on larger packages. For example, you can get 20 login IDs  (four times as many as the base rate) for just GBP 40 per month (which is only twice as much as the base rate).

Everyone who bears data entry and expense approval burden, and company decision-makers, should have access to sales invoicing software. Consider sharing IDs if you are on a tight budget.

  • Payment options and affordability

Most businesses prefer a pay-as-you-go model with little or no upfront investment. Compare rates and benefits, security levels and glitch incidence levels, seamless integration, and user-friendliness of various solutions before you make a choice.

Go for an affordable option, but not necessarily the cheapest because you want to ensure your data is safe. Read the user reviews.

  • Can the software recognize and compute UK taxes?

Your sales invoicing software should not need you to manually calculate and add on the tax component. Instead, the software should be able to automatically add the relevant taxes to sales invoices.

Additionally, premium service providers like Dext invoicing software are able to offer intelligent insights on how upcoming taxes might affect a business’ profitability when they come into action.

  • How secure is my data?

Data security is a huge concern for businesses of all sizes at all stages of the business lifecycle. Your clients will most likely not forgive any compromising of their data on account of your lacking security. That said, on-premise data security can be expensive. However, if you are thinking of adopting sales invoicing software, you should know that data security is supposed to be one of its key features. Go for a service provider like Dext invoicing software that secures your data with double firewall protection. You ideally want a more popular solutions provider as they have the earnings – and therefore the budget – to consistently beef up security as threats become more sophisticated.


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