3 Reasons for Increased Need of Security & Risk Management


Large companies, individuals, and everyone else in-between need elevated protection with the rise of technology and online storage. Reddit, for example, was recently hacked, despite two-factor authentication on their site. The company also has a security and risk management department in place, yet still was infiltrated and information was compromised. For incidents like this, companies and individuals need high-quality security intelligence to protect their employees and users. Here are the specific reasons we need better security and risk management at all levels.

Rise in Tech

Tech is creating a “safe” space for humans to store virtually all of their information. Many mindlessly decide to store important data online. This trust that individuals put in online entities is okay to an extent. We must remember that just because a company is reputable and has action in place to protect information, doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable to hacking. As previously mentioned, Reddit is a good example of this.

They are now taking action to increase their security and risk management because they are such a massive online platform with so many users. Investing in a third-party risk management company that specializes in this, is a way to combat potential threat and remain proactive regarding information security. Because of the amount of data stored online, we will see an increase in room for security risk management in the market.

Data is Moving Towards Being Completely Stored Online

Data being stored online is due to the rise of tech. It is safer when done right and the right security management is used. Storing data and information online is also easier because it is easy to find, easier to search, and easier to document. The websites used and visited by everyone are constantly documenting actions and transactions. Many don’t take a second to think about what could be compromised if there was a safety issue regarding the data they have online.

Digital data storage won’t slow down despite hacks, but security will only get better. A way to keep personal information and passwords safe is by using a password manager for the sites you use. Make sure to make every single password different so that if one of the sites you use gets hacked, your other information won’t be vulnerable. We can trust that most companies will start to invest in better security, but we have to do our part as well to protect our information in the ways that we can.

Cybersecurity Really is In Everyone’s Interest

The security and risk management industry will only keep evolving as information shifts online because the internet is always changing, as well. This also means that everyone is vulnerable to a hack. Small businesses, large corporations, individuals, and families all need to protect their extremely valuable information. The banking industry is especially in need of excellent cybersecurity because of the stake of the information involved. We can expect an increase in security for local and national banks in this area.

It has recently been noticed that small businesses are becoming likely targets of cybercrime and hacks because they might not have the extra-secure data security that large companies have. The industry will expand to providing security to everyone—not just tech lords and national banks. These small companies also have employees and customers whose information needs to be protected.

Security and risk management are no joke to anyone due to the importance in this age of technology and constant development. Thankfully, awareness is growing and safety is being put at the forefront of many company and individual agendas.


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