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A considerable population of New York residents comprises people older than 60 years. In the next two decades, the population of seniors will increase. Seniors may prefer to live in an age-friendly neighborhood. New York can be great for seniors not only because of the varied arts and cultural opportunities but because of the top medical care available in the city, whether it’s the New York-Presbyterian hospital or Alliance Home Care NYC.

What Makes Up a Senior-Friendly Neighborhood

According to WHO (World Health Organization), a senior-friendly neighborhood will have access to age-friendly health care services. The environment within the neighborhood should also be age-friendly. By ensuring that different cities are age-friendly, it will be possible to solve the demographic aging issue.

To ensure a neighborhood is elderly-friendly, some of the factors to consider include:


  • Programs, activities, and information to promote seniors’ social, health, and spiritual well-being.
  • Programs and places meant for socialization and active leisure.
  • Outreach and social support.
  • Appropriate and accessible health services.
  • The water and air quality should be good.

Independence and Security:

  • Home-safety products and designs should be accessible.
  • Affordable, appropriate, and accessible housing.
  • The roadways should be safe. Signs should also be put in place for pedestrians and drivers.
  • Affordable, safe, and accessible public transport services.
  • There should be caregivers for seniors.
  • Professionals to assist with home maintenance and household chores.
  • A supportive neighborhood.
  • Easy access to amenities such as banks and stores.
  • Safety from criminal activities.
  • Disaster recovery and emergency plans.
  • Easy access to public information. There should also be adequate training.
  • Work practices should be flexible.
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  • Easy access to useful information.
  • There should be positive images of the seniors.
  • Easy access to private and public transport.
  • The exterior and interior spaces should be barrier-free.

Some of the Most Senior-Friendly Neighborhoods in New York

Starrett City is currently referred to as Spring Creek Towers. The housing development is based in East Brooklyn. Currently, it has a high percentage of seniors. The huge population is attributed to safety, and the cost of living is not extravagant. As for safety, there are private security contractors and the police department. If you want to move to Starrett City, you should keep in mind the region has no subway lines. To move around with ease, you need a car.

The seniors contribute to at least 30 percent of the West Brighton, Brooklyn, population; the community seems ideal for the elderly. There is a beach and a boardwalk. As a result, when residing in such a neighborhood, you will experience the vacation vibe. The condos and one-room apartments in the region are also affordable. The only issue is the lack of reliability in the medical services sector; however, the issue is set to be solved.

There are numerous renowned health centers close to Murray Hill in Manhattan. The region is also crime-free. As a senior citizen, you may enjoy your stay in Murray Hill. There are appealing townhouses in the city. The apartments also have a modern appearance. Numerous restaurants are budget-friendly in the neighborhood. The only issue is that real estate prices are somewhat high.

The Totten-Bay Terrace in Clearview, Queens served as a military base for quite some time. When you step into the neighborhood, you might fail to get the real New York City vibe. The city was turned into a park, and it is quite green. As a senior citizen, you will enjoy the fresh air courtesy of the many trees in the region. Seniors are drawn to the bayside since it is also affordable. Also, you will manage to get away from the city crowd. The only issue is that the accessibility score is not as good.

When looking for a neighborhood that offers a touch of class, you can opt for the upper east side in Manhattan: Carnegie Hill. The area has access to numerous health centers, hospitals, and it is accessible. As a resident of the Upper East Side, you can easily access the central park and different cultural amenities. The crime rate in the neighborhood is also low, and that makes it more appealing.

The one thing you are bound to like about Glen Oaks in Queens is the affordability factor. If you are looking for the village vibe, look no further. The only issue is that the roads are not as good for walking. Also, the health centers are not easily accessible as compared to other neighborhoods.

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