5 SEO Benefits of Digital PR

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In an increasingly digitized world, an online presence can make or break any business. Nowadays, most people get their information through online sources. That’s why many brands are opting for digital PR to help them establish themselves in the eyes of modern audiences.

Digital PR is a promotional strategy that aims to improve your brand image and awareness across the web. While it is a separate field that requires specialized expertise, digital PR goes hand in hand with digital marketing and SEO efforts to help brands establish their online presence.

Keep reading so you don’t miss out on any of the lucrative opportunities digital PR offers!

What Is Digital PR and How Does It Work?

The traditional definition of public relations, or simply (PR) for short, says it’s a strategic communication process that builds relationships between organizations and their public.

The key difference is that traditional PR usually targets conventional media like newspapers, magazines, and TV stations, while digital PR targets online media on the Internet. Therefore, it is faster, more accessible, and gets you greater coverage, as people mainly get their news online.

In practice, digital PR service providers reach out to journalists, bloggers, and influencers with relevant content to their target audience. Placing content strategically across these sources helps introduce a specific company to general audiences. Furthermore, it acquires quality links to that company’s website and social media. These practices grow brand exposure and awareness, along with traffic and conversions.

Top 5 Benefits of Digital PR for SEO

While digital PR is an excellent way of getting your name out there, it also helps you rank better in search engine results. But how exactly does Digital PR help with SEO? Keep reading to understand how digital PR can help you step up your SEO game.

Let’s dive right in!

1) Brand Awareness

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Good brand awareness is the first step that starts the chain of events leading to major benefits for your SEO. Digital PR helps you increase brand awareness through the following:

  • Helping you tell your story
  • Notifying people about your business and the products and services it provides
  • Mentioning your brand in a positive light
  • Positioning you as a reliable source of information
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Reaching new audiences

By completing these steps, PR sets a series of actions that lead to improved rankings of your website into motion.

2) Gaining Backlinks

If you’ve been trying to grow your website, you should familiarize yourself with link-building. It’s one of the most valuable SEO components that digital PR uses to its advantage. Getting links to your site from reputable online publications is crucial for your growth and brand authority.

Here’s how digital PR helps with backlinks:

Data-Driven Research Studies

With the stiff online competition, simply getting links to your website often isn’t enough. What you need is compelling, link-worthy content that provides tangible value to readers. A good practice many companies use is researching a topic related to their field and offering stats and data for publication in online media. This method can improve the reliability of your brand in the eyes of the public and get meaningful backlinks that boost your brand’s authority.

Creative Campaigns

A logical, research-based approach is great for getting links, but sometimes, creativity can also come in handy. That’s why digital PR services often focus on placing engaging, thought-provoking campaigns into the world.

For example, some excellent creative PR campaign ideas include:

  • Starting an exciting giveaway that makes people interact with your brand,
  • Raising awareness of industry-related issues and offering solutions to those issues,
  • Raising awareness of social and humanitarian problems, engaging with communities, and donating to meaningful causes.

With innovative and fun ideas, you can get online media outlets to cover your story, link to your website, and get people to remember your name. What’s more, you get the chance to help a good cause or reward loyal customers. Utilize creativity to tell meaningful stories that help your SEO and your brand grow.


Newsjacking refers to a media monitoring practice that pays attention to live news and identifies how a brand or a business can be at the center of current events.

For example, suppose a journalist is looking for commentary on how the economic crisis will impact the property market. In that case, a real estate agency owner can provide expert advice, be featured, cited as an expert, and even get his website linked in the article.

Talk about an SEO boost!

3) Website Traffic

The stakes are high when it comes to website visits. Your company’s chances of obtaining new leads, increasing brand recognition, and forming beneficial relationships depend on the number of website visitors, aka your website’s traffic.

A good digital PR strategy means targeting various publications in your outreach, allowing you to tap into wider audiences. Exposing your business to a large and diverse readership of online media outlets means more people will likely end up on your site and potentially convert.

4) Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score created with the goal of predicting how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages or SERPs.

It gives sites a score between 1 and 100, with the higher end of the scale representing a better domain authority. To illustrate, long-established online media such as BBC or NY times have the best domain authority. Finding your score helps you see the areas of your website that may need more improvement.

So, how does digital PR help with Domain Authority? Any referral links to your website from a website with high Domain Authority serve to prove the trustworthiness and reputation of your brand. Getting more inbound links from top-tier media signals the reliability of your website. Furthermore, your website domain authority also increases.

5) Keyword Visibility

Finding and understanding keywords people search for is used as a weapon in SEO to help you speak and cater to your readers better. Adding digital PR to your SEO strategy helps you make use of keyword research. PR campaigns improve keyword associations when your brand gets mentioned online. It’s a win-win!

Digital PR Is on the Rise in 2022

More and more marketing professionals are noticing the lucrative advantages digital PR can offer. If you’re creating an SEO strategy, consider making digital PR part of it.

It can help you gain a substantial competitive advantage since many businesses aren’t aware of the numerous perks of digital PR or simply aren’t willing to invest resources in that area. Combining digital marketing with digital PR hits that sweet spot that helps you reach new heights in your business ventures.


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