What’s better for online marketing: SEO or Social Media?


Online marketing paves a great path for a website or a blog to be visible for the users. Now the question is which strategy will be best for you: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Social Media Marketing?

SEO uses an arrangement of methods and strategies to promote web activity. It basically deals with search engines, helping your site to get greater accessibility and enhancing your odds to be found. It will enhance your site’s capacity to show up on the principal pages of a search result. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is centered on making content that can draw the attention of the users and urge users to share or say it in their social networking systems.

Here, you get the chance to fully utilize the benefits of certain social networking websites, for example, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

How SEO Beats Social Media:

First, let’s see how SEO can be preferred over Social Media:

  1. More People Search For Business On SEO:
    Consider your own habits. At whatever point you are searching for something, from an Air conditioner repairing organization to other business or even daily routine searches, where do you go first? Most definitely you will go to search engine Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, Blekko, or one of the many other options available. According to research, about 61% of people go to a search engine to look into a product before buying it.
  2. Know What People Are Searching For:
    In SEO you have a lot of great tools to use in your research of what people are searching for. Google Ad Words Keyword Tool is an incredible start in this procedure.
  3. SEO Boasts More Conversion Rates:
    Web optimization transformation rates are higher than online networking change rates. A conversion happens when a site guest turns into a business client, and SEO will probably increase the transformation rate than social media.

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How Social Media Beats SEO:

Now, let’s see how social media is better than SEO:

  1. Peer Recommendations Happen With The Click Of a Like:
    According to research, about 75% of individuals in the 18 – 26 age used peer recommendations on social websites in item search before making a buy. One of the pleasant sides to online networking is once you have a nearness on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, peer proposals will happen when somebody likes your page, mentions your Twitter handle, or tags your image name.
  2. Social Media Is Very Fast:
    Although it takes time to generate a following on social media, still posts appear instantly and results can be seen in minutes. There is practically no restriction to the amount of traffic a page can get from online networking. An enormous number of individuals may share a bit of substance. In the event that when content gets, you know exactly how far and how quickly things can spread.

To sum up, the debate, which is better for online marketing SEO or Social Media, is long. You can use both for online marketing and Omnichannel marketing but should be done smartly.


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