Serviced Offices in Thailand – 4 Things to Consider


If you’re considering a move to Thailand, one of your main concerns is probably where to set up camp. Bangkok is the obvious choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The capital city is vibrant, lively, and part of a fast-growing economy. In fact, Thailand is one of the countries expected to become a major global force.

One option that you might take is the serviced office. This is a unique type of lease that includes logistical expenses as part of the quoted rate. For instance, if you pay monthly for a private suite, that money also covers the cost of lighting, heating, and cleaning it.

This article explores the best ways to find a serviced office and what features your lease needs.

The One’s Who Benefit

There are no rules limiting who can use serviced offices. However, different kinds of leases suit different types of businesses. Generally, serviced workspaces are ideal for established companies that have the cash to invest in a top location. Although, all are welcome.

They suit this type of company because the rental rates tend to be indicative of where you find the sites. So, in Bangkok, premium serviced facilities are situated in highly sought-after areas. The important thing is that, for the top rate price tag, you get a fully stocked, ready-to-go space.

Scrutinizing the Features

This is the most important part of the selection process. Your serviced office needs to provide more than an impressive address. It must also be able to handle your networking and surfing needs. So, check the tech specs, particularly in regards to internet and data transfer speeds.

You should also look for an office with a receptionist, a reliable cleaning team, 24/7 IT support, and, if needed, access to conference rooms. Ultimately, serviced offices are designed to cater to your every requirement. Operating a business should be easy here.

Locking in the Terms

One of the biggest advantages of going serviced in Bangkok is flexibility. These vendors work with open-ended leases. It means tenants get to control how long they stay, whether that means four months or four years. It is very rare for there to be early termination penalties.

Often, serviced vendors give tenants the opportunity to relocate within the building. For instance, if you grow fast and need a bigger suite, you may be able to stay in the same location. Similarly, if you ever need to downsize, it can be done quickly and with minimal expenditure.

Constant Connectivity

It is also common for serviced offices to help businesses stay connected. This may include setting up a 24/7 phone line, especially if the company is operating across multiple time zones. This is useful for expansion because you can start forging connections before you relocate.

Even if round-the-clock telephone answering isn’t essential for you, a receptionist may still be a practical resource. Certainly, if you have need of administrative support, it is cheaper to work with the onsite team than it is to outsource the task.

Why Serviced Offices Are the Future for Small Businesses

Serviced offices are available to businesses of all shapes and sizes. They represent the very finest in luxury workspaces. Pick the right space, and you’ll be astounded by the quality and attention to detail. The décor, furnishings, furniture, and equipment are all world-class.

You get to enjoy all of this. Yet, the savings are greater, because you’re not spending money on heating, lighting, or other utilities. They are all included in the monthly fee. There is less waste, more value, and substantially more control.

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