6 Signs of Excellent Case Management Software for Nonprofits


Nowadays, many nonprofits, charities, clinics, and healthcare organizations are leveraging case management software to improve productivity, enhance workflow, deliver better services, and reduce reliance on outdated tools such as spreadsheets.

Due to the increasing demand, there are many case management tools available online. So how do you pick the right one? Here are some signs of top case management software:

1. Feature Rich

Excellent case management software is usually full of features. With the best case management software, you manage client lifecycles and calls and much more from your fingertips. For example, Sumac, by Silent Partner, carries some of the following features:

  • Personalized Care: Users can track detailed information about each client, including referrals, calls, services delivered, and case plans.
  • Streamlined Service Delivery: Healthcare providers can customize action plans for each client, assign and track incoming and outgoing referrals, and record staff and volunteers’ calls to streamline service delivery.
  • Impact Acceleration: Outcome-based reporting helps track key metrics and earn immediate feedback on service delivery.

With this software, you can also capture real-time data, build case plans, and record different types of case activities.

2. Competitive Pricing

Good case management software should be competitively priced with different plans to suit your organization’s needs. In addition, each plan should offer good value. Whether you need a plan for 750 contacts or a plan for 200k contacts, there should be a package that matches your nonprofit’s requirements.

3. Low Learning Curve

Your case management software should allow you to solve both small and complex problems, yet it should be easy to use with an intuitive interface. Top case management tools come with free unlimited support via phone, email, and app. Additionally, they offer free living training to help new users familiarize themselves with the new tools. Some even have free webinars that cover basic and specialized features.

4. Customizable

You should be able to customize your case management tools to suit your needs if you want to. However, it’s best to pick software that’s at least 80% pre-configured to satisfy essential data and workflow needs in the event you want to hit the ground running.

5. Powerful Health and Social Services Software Options

Look for case management software with some of the following advanced options, which can take your operations to the next level when you’re ready:

  • Online Webforms: With the ability to embed client intake forms directly on your website, you can automatically capture data to your database and reduce the margin for error.
  • Donations and Fundraising: Nonprofit software that offers donations and fundraising integration can help you maximize your revenue generation and meet higher fundraising goals.
  • Volunteer Management: Using cutting-edge volunteer management tools, you can manage your labor resources and assign them to special tasks or events.

6. Secure Data Management

Always use secure case management software that is PIPEDA and HIPAA-compliant. Your case management software should also allow you to control who can access client data. A need-to-know access system can prevent data leaks and other problems.

Never compromise when choosing case management tools. You should select powerful software that’s customizable, reasonably priced, and secure.


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