The Pros and Cons of Skylight Windows


If you’ve ever seen first-hand how much atmosphere a skylight can bring into a room, you’ve probably considered having one installed yourself. During summer, they illuminate the space, and during winter, they give you an exclusive viewpoint of the starry sky. It’s no wonder that they have been featured in architecture for centuries.

Pros and Cons of Skylight

Here I mentioned the few pros and cons of skylight windows.

Skylights: The Pros

As aesthetically pleasing as skylight windows are, they also provide additional function and benefits that you may not be aware of. You should also know all of the cost implications before you dive in head-first.


Skylights can be used to let fresh air into a space, which is particularly beneficial in rooms that are dark and humid, such as a bathroom. is a great place to start if you want to learn more about indoor air quality and how to keep it clean. In hotter months, skylights can provide additional cooling and can aid in keeping utility bills down.

Additional Lighting

As well as ventilation, skylights provide extra illumination on areas that would usually be dark and dreary. It also adds aesthetic appeal to any room by providing a spotlight onto a showcase area, or a beautiful vista into the sky above.

Indirect Solar Energy

When installed adequately, a skylight in the right position can introduce additional indirect solar energy into your home. If fitted on the northern end of the house, a skylight can bring you pleasant warmth in the winter months but should be kept shaded during summertime to prevent overheating.

Skylights: The Cons

While there are obviously advantages to having a skylight fitted, there are also disadvantages of skylights that you should be aware of before you commit to the undertaking.

Risk of Roof Damage

When you install a big skylight in your home, you risk compromising the structure of your roof. A truss roof is not an ideal roof for installing a skylight, but most standard roof frames can handle the addition of a skylight without the risk of catastrophe.

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Risk of Interior Damage

Another risk that you undertake when you decide to install a skylight is the damage that it can have on the interior of your home. Too much sunlight exposure can have a bleaching effect on your curtains and furniture, so be sure to offset this by using low-impassivity glass. Furthermore, if something should go wrong during installation – or at any time – then your interior becomes vulnerable to the elements; roofs with skylights often leak during rainy times.

High Overheads

(See what we did there?) The costs involved in getting a skylight fitted are sky-high. They also affect your utility bills and can be expensive to maintain. They also cause long term damage to your property, a factor that can affect your home insurance premiums.

When warmer, sunnier months approach, the addition of a sunroof to let in a little more sunlight holds more and more appeal, but whether or not they are worth the trouble is worth a second thought. Armed with the knowledge covered here, you can make an informed decision as to whether installing one is the right move for you. Search double glazing Bristol on google and get more information related to windows.

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  1. I like that you point out that having a skylight is a good way to let extra light into your home. I’ve been looking for a way to let more natural light in my house, and I’m now considering having a skylight installed. I’m going to look for a good company in my area that does skylight installation.

  2. I like how you said that a skylight can add aesthetic appeal to any room of your home. My wife told me that she thinks that our kitchen is too dark and she would like to have more natural light coming in. Thanks for sharing this article, I will ask her if she would like to have a skylight installed so that our kitchen can also look nicer.

  3. My favorite part of this article was when you talked about how skylights can improve ventilation in areas that tend to hold moisture, such as bathrooms. My husband and I have an older home with no fan in the bathroom, and we’ve noticed that it seems to stay humid for hours after we shower. I’m excited to talk with my husband and see why he thinks about hiring a roofing contractor to install a skylight!

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  7. The parts of your article that mentioned how skylights can help keep your bills down by providing additional lighting and ventilation were really helpful to read. With how high our bills can get during the summer season, I figured I should do something about it and make some adjustments to my house to help the place stay cooler. I’ll definitely ask for some skylights from a roofing contractor when we hire one for the next renovation job.


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