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One of the best-recognized email software worldwide is Microsoft Outlook due to its email management systems and excellent features. It provides a good level of security with enhanced connectivity and compatibility. While using Outlook, if your email is showing an error [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1] then you do not need to worry. You are in right place. In this article, you will find best solutions to fix the error code [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1].

Reasons for occurrence of the error [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1]:

Using multiple accounts without clearing the cache data sometimes can cause error [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1].

If there is, any interruption in the installation process the Microsoft Outlook will not work properly and can cause an error.

The error can also occur if the Microsoft outlook is not compatible with other applications on the system.

Not using website application of the Microsoft Outlook also causes error [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1].

Ways to fix error [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1]:

Close all other programs:

Microsoft Outlook often causes errors when multiple programs are being used at the same time. As machines can also tend to slow down while multiple tasking, it can also tend to cause errors in applications. Hence, to solve the error [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1] close all the programs from your system, logout from outlook, clear the cache, login from outlook again, and check if the error is resolved.

Remove multiple accounts:

Chances of occurrence of error [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1] increase when you are using more than one account at one time. Remove multiple accounts to resolve the issue. To remove them; Logout from all email accounts from Outlook. Clear all the cache and remove the history. Login into the account, check if the error is resolved, and continue your work.

Search the corrupted files and fix them:

If your system is full of corrupted and broken data files, it is more likely to slow down its functioning and give errors. To remove errors fix them at the individual level. Either log out from all the accounts or uninstall the program, clear the cache and cookies, and install it again to bring maximum functioning of the system and Microsoft application.

Use an internet variant:

Using an internet variant is helpful in many cases to fix the error [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1]. At the top corner, there is an option of alternatives. There select Microsoft web application. After selecting, make sure to uncheck Outlook with other types of the checkbox. This will help to get the error resolved.

Fixing program and features:

Get your outlook to restore from program and features. To restore it open the control panel, from there go to program and features, search for Microsoft Outlook and open it. There is an option named edit at the top corner of programs and windows, click that button, a new window will open for repair. When the process is completed restart your system and checks if the error is resolved.

To repair the Microsoft outlook version use troubleshoot center:

To fix the error [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1] you need to use troubleshoot center now. Follow the instructions on the troubleshoot center after it detects the issue to get it resolved.

Direct contact with Microsoft Outlook:

If after implementing all the possible solutions given here, your error [pii_email_fac20b28ca7fd86484f1] is still not fixed then contact Microsoft support center for their assistance.

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