Start an Ecommerce Business Without any Investment – Here’s How!


There’s no shortage of amazing online business ideas. Almost 77 million business blogs have been created on WordPress and it is estimated that over 100 million people are running ecommerce businesses from the comfort of their homes.

Yes, being your own boss comes with a slew of advantages. Among them is the opportunity to start your business without investing a dime. At you will find more information about this. We’ve compiled the best investment-free business options available to you, from Kickstarter advisor and CV and speech writer to proofreader and SEO expert. No need to continue contemplating the idea of becoming independent quietly – it is a reality waiting for you to make it happen.

Indiegogo or Kickstarter Advisor

Our list starts with this business which, while investment-free, is not easy by any means. You have to find a way to grab browsers’ attention on these highly competitive crowdsourcing platforms. If you know how to tap into emotion and are inventive, don’t hesitate to explore this niche. Quite a few entrepreneurs look for customized advice to launch and execute their campaigns.

Online Researcher

Finding verified, reliable information online is becoming harder and harder, and this skill is becoming in higher demand by the second. If you’re like me, you’ll felt frustrated digging until the fifth page of Google for the data you were looking for. Search engines are dominated by the best-optimized, but not always the most useful information and sources.

A good online researcher is patient and consistent. If that sounds like you, put a price tag on your skill today.

CV (Resume) Writing

This is another area, in which skills are becoming in very high demand. It’s not easy to create a resume that will stand out from all the rest. This could be a good business idea if you’re a wordsmith who’s apt at bringing out people’s best features. Appealing resume templates will be indispensable to your success.


Proofreading is perfect for those with knowledge of stylistics who don’t enjoy writing. A proofreading business accepts all kinds of texts, from scripts to blog articles, and offers clients improvement and honest feedback prior to publication. The job requires expertise in the concrete subject area and attention to detail.

Foreign Language Teacher

Communicating with a native or highly fluent speaker is the best and fastest way to learn a new language. If you’re a native speaker or fluent in one of world’s major languages, don’t miss out on the chance to profit on the knowledge gifted to you. The tools you need to connect with learners are free, for example Skype. The only thing you need to get started are a few language textbooks, which you can download for free too, and a price formation strategy. Typically, tutoring prices are per hour and one academic hour is 40 or 45 minutes. Make your students aware of this before proceeding.

Virtual Assistant

The vast majority of virtual assistants work from home today. You can work for more than one company at a time, ideally ones in different time zones. As the business day in Japan ends, that in the US starts. There’s always money to make, albeit at the expense of your beauty sleep. A virtual assistant can be a researcher, a data entry person, or almost any other professional.


Yes, you can make a living doing this. Nobody wants to give a bad speech and many people, even “chosen” ones like CEOs, are terrified by the prospect. A good speechwriter can attract attention and win listeners over using this highly valuable skill. If you think you have this talent, cash in by writing wedding, campaign, birthday, award ceremony, or other speeches.

Translator or Interpreter

A lot of people who go into language teaching work as translators as well, but you don’t have to do both. Teaching is a social activity, while translators don’t have to interact with others. Interpreters, who translate orally, do.

Serious businesses need their websites translated to access a broader market. Some opt for Google’s automatic translation service to save money, which they don’t because they lose a lot from missed opportunity. Translation rates are normally calculated per page, per word, or per character, where 1,800 characters with spaces equates one standard page.

How to Get Work at a Translation Agency or as a Freelancer

For those who have grown up in a bilingual or even multilingual home, it may be possible to find translation or interpretation work without any experience. One of the benefits of working for a translation agency is that they have their own marketing and networks to bring in thousands of professionals to better fit the needs of eCommerce and other clients online and off. While the translation companies will generally require you to exhibit a certain level of proficiency, it is still possible to get translation jobs without experience where you can provide specialist skills that match more fully with the needs of the client. It is equally simple to find work as a freelance translator by seeking out translation agencies that hire professional translators and certified interpreters part-time as needed. There are also freelance translation jobs available on freelance websites, though these generally do not pay as well. No matter how you begin, you should focus on building your experience as a translator and getting references from everyone you provide language services to in the course of building up your career in translation services.

SEO Expert

SEO is one of the most dynamic areas and saying experts are in high demand is an understatement. It’s also a very hard job because search engine algorithms are changing all the time and what works today might not work tomorrow. If you can stay on top of these changes, you’ll never worry about making ends meet. As you get into this consider offering optimization, content creation, and link building in a package.

Social Media Manager

Social media is ever-changing and time-consuming. It’s hard to capitalize on because keeping up with it is so challenging. A lot of entrepreneurs are outsourcing social media management, so if you’re good with Instagram or Twitter, this is a great opportunity.

Package deals are suitable for this profession as well. You can offer social media starter kits or startup social media kits covering everything from analytics reports to social media graphics. You’ll have more clients than you know what to do with.

Create a Business Plan

It’s true that a physical business needs a business plan more than an online one. Still, creating one for your ecommerce business is a good idea because the risk of failure without robust planning does exist. Establish your target audience, neon business signs, and the scale of your operations in advance. Getting online resources together won’t be hard unless you’re not equipped with the required services that you plan to render as soon as a client approaches you.

If you plan on partnering with someone, discuss the rates in advance. For example, you want to teach English and you know someone who can teach German, French, Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish. Your chances of reaching more learners automatically increase.

The same goes for translating from and to different languages or proficiency in different social media. At Neon Signs Depot, you’ll find more great ecommerce business ideas.


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