5 Steps for Selling Your Home Quickly


When you decide to sell your house, you want it off the market in a few weeks. The longer the house takes to sell, the longer you have to wait to move or invest in a new property. Homebuyers are also suspicious of properties stay on the market for too long. Follow these tips to sell your home quickly.

1) Improve your curb appeal.

You might be surprised by the impact a few small changes can have on your home’s curb appeal. Evaluate the state of your house when you drive up to it. Does your home need a fresh coat of paint? Should you cut back any overgrown bushes or trees that make your yard look messy? Adding a few shrubs or flowers, along with cleaning up your yard and driveway, can create a strong first impression for buyers.

2) Conduct basic repairs.

The more work your home needs, the fewer people will be interested in it. While some people actively look for fixer-uppers, most homebuyers don’t want a house that will immediately need a new HVAC system or garage door upgrade.

Evaluate your home and look for basic repairs that can improve its overall condition. You can also walk through with your real estate agent so they can provide opinions on what needs to get done. Your realtor can tell you what will have a big impact on the sales process. For example, opening the garage door contributes to your first impression. By investing in garage door motor repair to get your unit running again, you can win potential buyers over before they even set foot in your home.

3) Stage your home.

Staging is significantly different from repairing parts of your home or improving curb appeal. During the staging process, you might remove your belongings (or at least some of them) and replace them with different decorations that seem more appealing. Staging is meant to sell potential buyers, including local lancaster home buyers, on the idea of a house – making any home seem like an ideal place to raise a family or a cool bachelor pad. It also prevents buyers from getting distracted. If you have a large comic book collection, buyers might focus on that instead of the bones of the home. Staging is also beneficial if the seller has already moved out of the house, as you won’t try to see an empty home.

4) Determine your price flexibility.

Real estate is all about setting boundaries. Determine what you think is a fair price for your house and set a minimum for what you would accept for a bid. This way your realtor knows which offers to reject if they are too low so you only take reasonable buyers seriously.

5) Look for alternative ways to sell your home.

Attracting offers is a key part of selling your home, but you also need to get bids from buyers who can afford your home. If the financing falls through on a bid, the seller has to start over trying to market the home. This is why a homeowner is more likely to accept a cash offer. The buyer already has the funds on-hand, which can speed up the paperwork and negotiations.

You can also look for a company that will make a fair cash offer on your home. For example, in North Carolina, you can learn how simply sold property makes cash offers to local buyers. This is an alternative from the traditional way of listing your house and allows you to sell your home fast. The seller can’t control the real estate market, but they can make changes to sell the home fast. Follow these tips to avoid the hassle of the real estate process.

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