Effective Strategies To Build Sustainable Backlinks In 2019 And Beyond


Backlinks building is one of the key SEO tactics that have been around for ages and will remain the same in the future. Links are important because Google prioritizes a healthy link profile while allocating search rankings. For this reason, you need to focus on building high-quality backlinks that strengthen your profile. At the same time, avoid unnatural backlinking because this practice can get you penalized by Google.

This indicates that you have to be very selective with link building. And it can be trickier than you think. Remember that link quality matters more than numbers. At the same time, you need to ensure sustainability as well. Such backlinks are desirable because they provide maximum link juice for your website. Here are the strategies that can help you in building sustainable backlinks in 2019 and beyond.

Create link-worthy content

The best way to get sustainable backlinks is by using quality content that attracts them naturally. You can do this is by creating amazing pages for your website. Invest in quality content that is niche-relevant and caters value to the users. Together, these attributes make your content link-worthy. The best approach would be to search for trending topics and content pieces in your niche. The next step would be to come up with a significantly better version of the same content for your website.

Get smart with the content format as you have options such as web pages, viral blogs, infographics, resources, and more. Beyond just creating great content, you also have to propagate it to attract sustainable backlinks. Contact the sources that linked to the original content and request them to link with yours as well. Also, explore other prospects who may want to link and pursue them through emails.

Focus on relevant niche edits

Niche edits have emerged as a popular link building practice in recent time. It entails getting a link from an article that already exists rather than writing a new one. Obviously, these are the best kind of backlinks if you are pressed for time and want to utilize the existing resources. This strategy differs from guest posting because you need not spend time churning out a new piece. Also, it becomes a good alternative because a link from an existing post that is already indexed gets a significant authority by default.

However, make sure that you invest only in relevant niche edits if you want them to contribute true value. When you get niche edit links, make sure that they come from websites that are actually related to your site. In this context, the niche edit strategy is quite similar to guest posting because relevance is the name of the game for both.

Become a niche expert

Another effective strategy to establish successful and sustainable backlinks is to become a niche expert. Remember that Google places importance on authority and relevance while ranking websites. Therefore, your site will naturally attract sustainable links once it becomes an authoritative source. This is because other sites in your niche would want to link with your website to ensure that Google ranks them higher.

Becoming a niche expert requires consistent efforts by posting high-quality content. For example, you must have informative healthcare posts on your health blog if you want to gain a reputation as a niche authority. Strengthening your social media presence is another way to establish as a domain expert. Create social media pages so that more people get to read your posts and want to link with them.

Personalize your outreach

Blogger outreach is another popular white hat link building strategy that you need to follow to get sustainable backlinks. These links are usually of high quality and strengthen your link profile to a significant extent. However, several businesses prefer to automate outreach to save time and efforts. Sending across templated emails will probably not give you the desired results in terms of outreach. Rather than investing in outreach automation, focus on making it personalized.

The best way to do it is by writing customized emails to niche authorities.  Go an extra mile to convince them for posting your content on their website. If they get impressed, you will get much more than a quality backlink. It will also enable you to build a relationship with them so that you can approach them later too. Furthermore, being featured on a niche influencer’s website gets you an endorsement that is worth a fortune.

Building sustainable links are the smartest thing that you can do for your business. The advantages of these links are not confined to the present but extend to the future too. So you must follow these tactics to get the ones that bring lasting results.



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