New Study Finds Using Cannabis off the Clock Does Not Impact Work Performance


In the United States, more and more people are starting to accept that medical and recreational use of marijuana is okay. However, a stigma around marijuana remains despite many states legalizing its use. This is especially so in the workplace. Are you looking for a medical marijuana card in NYC and wondering whether using the drug will affect your career? If you are, this post will help you make up your mind.

How Using Cannabis Affects Job Performance

More and more local, state and national governments have been changing their laws regarding the legality of using medical and/or recreational cannabis. Organizations and businesses need to find out how these changes may affect the workplace. According to a recent study, using cannabis after work does not affect job productivity.

For years, artists and musicians have been using marijuana to enhance their creativity. It would be interesting to know how the drug would affect people in conventional nine-to-five jobs. The research explored how using marijuana at different times affected people’s ability to achieve their job requirements and complete assignments. It also analyzed their attitude toward their work and behavior toward their colleagues. After-work cannabis use did not affect any workplace performance measures.

Those who used the drug during or before work, however, did not perform so well. This is because the drug affected user’s concentration, inhibited their ability to complete tasks, and affected their problem-solving skills. The drug also affected these people’s citizenship behavior negatively. For example, they were less likely to work in a team or help their colleagues. Besides, indulging before or during work affected people’s propensity to counterproductive behavior, such as taking too long to complete tasks.

Therefore, when it comes to productivity at work, it all depends on when you use cannabis. Using it after work will not lower your performance the next day. If you want to apply for a medical marijuana card in NYC, therefore, make sure to use your cannabis product after work.

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Could Using Cannabis Improve Your Work Performance?

Based on the research study, there is no direct evidence to back up this assumption. However, using the drug after work can be beneficial in terms of relieving job-related stress. Cannabis induces relaxation that may help restore the energy you spent at work. Consequently, you may return to work the next day with more energy to devote to your tasks.

The study also touched upon the need to make changes in drug policies in the workplace. Currently, drug tests can only detect the presence of cannabis; however, they cannot tell when a person consumed the drug. This limitation makes it difficult for organizations to defend a complete no-drug policy. If you apply for a medical marijuana card in NYC, therefore, you need to determine whether drug policies in your workplace changed with legalization.

Is Cannabis Better Than Alcohol?

When it comes to workplace performance, cannabis is far safer than alcohol and other illicit substances. This is according to some researchers. However, it all depends on when and how much alcohol you consumed. That said, the effects of marijuana vary by product.

This study challenges the stereotypes of marijuana users as being unmotivated and lazy. While limited, this study is an important step forward in investigating the effects of marijuana on society.


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