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Some business leaders need to avoid the added expense of new equipment like a forklift. Fortunately, alternatives like the used forklift market make it possible to stay within budget or even save a considerable amount.

Sun Used Forklifts caters to new and used customers with an incredible inventory. Find out whether you should buy a new or used machine at

As a project or warehouse manager, saving costs in any way possible is the course of business. That typically means looking for the best value for the price with the best performance and quality for the expense. Comparing vendors for competitive prices and the best customer experience is a priority.

Nowadays, many leaders shop online, including for heavy equipment, whether new or used. Business owners can take significant risks in taking what seems like an excellent buy only to find a less-than-quality used machine.

When looking for a used dealer, you should find one that allows a few-day free trial run with the equipment plus supplies a basic warranty.

Many warehouse or project managers nowadays look for deals when buying used or new heavy equipment like forklifts. Fortunately, companies like Sun, a used forklifts dealer and a leader in the new market, offer premium equipment for the best value with superior customer support.

Often, business owners compare products online before making a purchase. The goal is to match performance and quality for the best value with the intention of having a free trial to confirm the performance and quality, along with a basic warranty in case problems arise.

Here are some ways to evaluate a used forklift for its condition before making a purchase.

60-minute meter

Forklifts are fitted with a 60-minute meter tracking daily usage with either 4 or 5 digits. The four digits will read increments of 9999, with it going to 0000 at the 10,000-hour. This can be misleading if sold to a client who could believe that the forklift only has 1,999 hours when, in fact, it has gone beyond 10,000.

That isn’t implying that dealers will do this intentionally, but it can happen, given the functionality of four-digit meters. Those who remarket the used equipment may not have the history on the forklift to confirm the actual hours.

Some have meters that measure varied usage hours, including those for hydraulic pumps, drive, and on, making it necessary to know how to differentiate.

Manufacturing year

A buyer must confirm the manufacturing year before committing to a used forklift purchase. With the serial and model numbers, the manufacturer will be able to verify this detail.

You don’t want the “production” year, which you can find on the invoice from the dealer or that can be found on many other records. The manufacturing year is distinct from the production year and should be obtained when buying the used equipment.

The “capacity data plate”

The manufacturer may not approve of the accessories or attachments being removed or added to the machine. When this occurs, the “capacity data plate” will be inaccurate, putting the operator at risk since there will be no indication as to how much the forklift can safely carry.

The accuracy of the data plate is critical for safety and liability; however, many with used forklifts do not make it necessary to assess this before buying. The company that services the forklift you’re considering can confirm this detail before you commit to the purchase.

Modification to the chassis

Chassis modifications, including “drilling, heating, or welding, that the manufacturer did not authorize should not be considered as a possibility for purchase. Manufacturers will typically not back forklifts that have been modified in this way if an accident occurs, resulting in an injury.

These modifications can weaken the structural integrity of the machine, creating a premature fail. Added counterweight without authorization from the manufacturer will result in instability and added chassis wear and tear.

The history

As the buyer, it’s up to you to try to figure out the forklift’s use history before committing to buying it. A reputable servicing specialist should do a thorough safety and mechanical inspection.

Unfortunately, the hour meter reading can’t determine how much wear and tear the chassis has endured nor the weight it has handled. Go here for guidance on how to buy a used forklift wisely.

Final Thought

Regardless of the industry you might be involved in, a forklift will be integral to the business. Sun is a leader in the forklift market, both used and new, with premium machines and exceptional customer support to guide you through the buying experience.

Purchasing a used machine has several benefits, including saving much cost and ensuring you receive the equipment with no wait time, allowing for no downtime. With the right dealer, you’ll have a vast array of forklifts at your disposal, well-inspected, providing premium performance and a high quality.


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