Surefire Mascot Design Recommendations For Small Businesses


Small businesses running on tight budgets often end up missing out on the marketing front. But the results can be painful because you may not get enough visibility to compete with the big brands in the market. Moreover, a less aggressive marketing approach can deprive your business of the trust factor. Finding the middle path is easy if you allocate your marketing budget to productive tactics. Besides online promotions, you must pay attention to offline ones too.

Mascot marketing enables you to achieve more with less because a single element covers multiple fronts. Your mascot connects with the audience, makes your brand memorable, and becomes the face of your brand across diverse channels. The only thing you need to focus on is a great design. Here are some surefire mascot design recommendations small business owners can rely on.

Know your purpose

Although you may want to embark on the design journey sooner than later, never start in a hurry. A mistake, in the beginning, can waste time, money, and effort, all of which matter a lot for a small business. Knowing the purpose enables you to design an ideal character replicating your brand’s values, vision, and mission. A quick question and answer session can help you decide on the purpose. For example, know why you need a mascot, how you plan to use it, and where you want to showcase it. You may want a design to launch your brand, connect with your customers, or revamp your image. Starting from scratch will not be the same as redesigning, so be sure about what you want.

Focus on unique features

Small businesses are often a part of a tight market landscape, and competition is perhaps the most daunting challenge. You must look for a design that looks different from your main competitors. Besides looking for an unusual character, you can focus on unique features, such as expressions, size, fonts, type of graphic, and extra props that set it apart. But remember to keep the design clean and simple instead of cluttering it with too many features. After creating a unique character, you can invest in Custom Mascot Costumes for offline promotions. Likewise, you must replicate a digital version to present on your website, online ads, and social media pages.

Align the mascot with your brand image

Another crucial aspect of designing a mascot is to align it with your brand image, regardless of the size of your business. Even small businesses have a distinct brand logo, tone of voice, colors, and fonts that define their presence everywhere. Your mascot should be a replica of these elements. For example, you can design a green mascot if your business resonates with sustainability at its core. Likewise, you may create a cartoon character as a fun brand or a more serious one if you operate in the B2B domain.

Mascot designing need not be overwhelming for small businesses. You only need creativity to design a character that defines your brand and connects with audiences. Once you cover both fronts, you have a winning mascot design.


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