3 Sustainable Online Side Gigs You Can Start This Year


Are you passionate about environmental conservation? Do you want to build your own business or start a side hustle? If your answer is yes to both, then why not start a sustainable business? This way, you can earn money while doing something you are passionate about.

Consumers today are more aware about environmental issues, and a majority of them want brands to start green initiatives and eco-friendly practices. If you’re looking for business ideas or side gigs that are sustainable, here are a few examples to consider.

Start an Online Secondhand Store

Sustainable fashion is increasingly getting more popular than fast fashion is, so there’s a growing market for secondhand clothing. It’s not just second clothing that more and more consumers are buying; they’re also shopping for used items, like accessories, books, household essentials, appliances, and gadgets.

For a sustainable business idea, consider starting an online secondhand store. You can start by selling clothing and items you no longer need or use. When you have the funds, you can buy your products from secondhand products suppliers. Or you can visit vintage stores and garage sales or yard sales to look for good products to sell. There are many gems hidden in these little corners of old and forgotten things.

If you’re skilled at DIY jobs, you can make money by selling refurbished furniture or upcycling household items. You’ll need to have the tools to fix and upcycle furniture and the skills to do that. Sell your upcycled furniture in online marketplaces, or build your own e-commerce store to sell your products.

Start an Environmental Blog or Vlog

Do enjoy creating content about nature and the environment? If you do, you can start your own nature-themed or environmental blog or vlog. Write or create content about topics that concern you and raise awareness of environmental issues, such as climate change, global warming, deforestation, and pollution.

Lots of people who are fervent environmental advocates also enjoy outdoor hobbies, like hiking,  trekking, mountain climbing, and cycling. If you’re passionate about these activities, you can also write or talk about them in your blog or vlog. Share tips on proper camping practices or outdoor ethics. You can also recommend eco-friendly brands to your readers.

You can monetize your blog or channel through the following:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Offering training or consultation services
  • Paid membership or subscriptions to exclusive content
  • Selling physical or digital products (e.g., T-shirts, e-books, and webinars)

Building a following that you can monetize will take time, so this side hustle is recommended for those who aren’t looking to make money fast. Being a content creator also requires a considerable investment of your time, energy, and creativity. You must be well-informed about the topics you talk about, so it’s important that you’re up-to-date on the latest environmental news and related events.

Be an Affiliate Marketer for Sustainable Brands

You don’t need to start a blog or vlog to become an affiliate marketer. If you have a sizable following on your social media accounts, you can work with sustainable brands you love and become one of their affiliate marketers or endorsers.

An affiliate marketer is different from a brand endorser, who are usually influencers. The former makes money through commissions or when someone buys from the product you provide. Meanwhile, the latter may sign a contract to become the face of the brand and charge a set endorsement or talent fee, or they may publish sponsored posts on their social media accounts for a fee.

If you can build a large following, you can also become an influencer and receive endorsements and sponsorships from your favorite brands. Here are some quick tips to become an influencer:

  • Find your niche. The niches that are compatible with environmental advocacy include travel, outdoor activities, zero-waste lifestyle, and sustainable fashion, to list a few.
  • Choose your platform. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the biggest social media platforms for influencer marketing.
  • Create interesting and engaging content. The content you create is the key ingredient that attracts followers to your account. You need to produce quality content regularly to attract your target audience and build a large following.
  • Promote your personal brand. Learn how to increase your social media presence by using the tools and features available on these platforms (e.g., hashtags and advertising).
  • Partner with other influencers. Work with social media influencers who share your advocacy. This will give you access to their fan base and them to yours.
  • Interact and engage with your followers. Build a closer relationship with your followers by listening to them and replying to their comments and suggestions.
  • Run contests and giveaways. Give back to your followers through social media contests and giveaways.

Anyone can be an influencer if they’re willing to invest time, energy, resources, creativity, and focus to build their social media presence.

The Takeaway

Raising awareness of environmental issues and preserving the planet are the responsibilities of every person who lives on earth. Businesses and corporations have the greatest impact on the state of the planet, so they must do the most to restore the environment.

Establishing a business built on the principles of sustainability is a positive step toward the betterment of our planet. In the future, all new businesses should be founded on social, ethical, and environment responsibility.


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