7 Sustainable Packaging Strategies To Implement This 2022


Sustainability should be the new standard for product packaging this 2022. From large-scale manufacturers to small local businesses, choosing eco-friendly packaging should be the norm. Every entrepreneur should take a further step towards sustainability to conserve the planet’s natural resources.

There are many options for sustainable packaging without compromising the products’ safety. You can find both widely used materials and unique ones in the market. These eco-friendly packaging solutions will keep your products safe and stylish at the same time.

To take the step, here are seven sustainable packaging strategies to implement this 2022.

1) Recycled Cardboard Boxes

One of the most flexible packaging solutions is cardboard boxes. It’s widely available and easy to customize for your brand. It’s also the easiest solution to pack products safely for logistics.

Eco-friendly Gift Boxes are a great packaging option to match even the most luxurious products. You can quickly get the suitable sizes according to your needs. Plus, they’re easy to customize.

You can get your logo printed on the lid of cardboard boxes and even choose the perfect color to represent your brand. You may include a customized sticker with your brand logo too.

2) Organic Cloth Pouches And Bags

If you want reusable packaging, an organic cloth pouch or bag will be the perfect packaging solution. Organic cloth pouches are sustainable, and they’re chic packaging that can serve as a freebie.

There’s a wide array of designs and materials you can use for your organic cloth pouches and bags. You can choose from organic cloths, like cotton, bamboo, linen, jute, and silk. You can have them dyed or printed with your brand logo.

However, you must consider eco-friendly printing for this type of packaging. It’s always best to use all organic and sustainable raw materials in all parts of the production process to ensure it meets ethical standards.

3) Sisal Net Pouches

Net pouches made of sisal fiber are another excellent option for reusable packaging. These are perfect packaging solutions for organic bar soaps, shampoos, and other solid products.

Sisal fibers are a sustainable material used for various products. It’s often used for twines and ropes, which can be an artsy addition to your gift box packaging. Its fibers can even be woven into carpets and mats.

Moreover, sisal fibers are highly durable. Choosing them as packaging can keep your products safe while giving your customer a pouch they can reuse and repurpose.

4) Wheat Straw Plastic

Wheat straw plastic is a smart alternative to plastic bottles and containers. It’s a type of bioplastic made from wheat straw. It’s durable but biodegradable. Its production needs less energy compared to non-biodegradable plastics.

Suppose you’re looking for a replacement for plastic bottles for liquid products, like shampoos and lotions. In that case, wheat straw bottles are a better option. Switching to this eco-friendly packaging helps reduce the microplastics that pollute the environment and harm health.

Furthermore, wheat straw plastics can be an elegant packaging for cosmetics. This bioplastic is food-grade as well, making products safe from chemical contamination.

5) Beeswax Wrap

Beeswax wrap is a rising trend when it comes to sustainable food packaging. It works like plastic cling wraps but even better. Unlike regular wrapping papers, it sticks to itself. It can even be reused for up to a year by washing and drying.

Aside from food products, beeswax wrap can be used for different items that need additional protection before placing them in a box. It’s also suitable for products that require a waterproof cover to ensure their quality.

Beeswax sheets are made of organic materials, such as cotton, beeswax, and oil. It can be composted if it starts to wear out after months of reuse.

6) Honeycomb Paper

Fragile items require added protection, especially during transit and delivery. While bubble wraps seem like the best option, they are made of plastic, which is harmful to the environment. As a solution, you may switch to honeycomb paper.

Honeycomb paper is an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wraps. It’s made by cutting paper to form a structure that resembles a honeycomb. Like bubble wraps, honeycomb paper provides ample protection for products by cushioning.

In this era of online shopping, the demand for safe and secure packaging increases. While plastic bubble wraps seem like a more accessible and cheaper option, you should consider their negative impact on the planet in the long run. Therefore, switching to biodegradable alternatives like honeycomb paper wraps should be the next trend.

7) Water-Activated Tape

Water-activated paper tape is an incredible innovation that can potentially replace plastic packing tapes in securing parcels for delivery. Gummed tapes are made with kraft paper and starch as the base for their adhesive. From its name, its adhesion is activated by moisture or water.

Water-activated tape is one of the toughest packing tape options in terms of durability. It can withstand harsh conditions and does not wear off quickly.

Whichever sustainable packaging options you’ve chosen from this list, a water-activated tape should be your next go-to in securing items for logistics.


Going green is always the best path to take. Along with new eco-friendly product innovations, sustainable packaging is a must. Your brand can raise environmental awareness among consumers by taking the green path.


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