The Average Cost of Website Design for Small Business


The average website design cost for small businesses is 3000 to 15000 USD.

These are amounts worth paying to reach success in the digital world. 50% of consumers believe that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand.

So, how much does it cost to build a website design? To answer this, you need to understand:

  • Factors to influence the Design cost
  • Components of the Design cost
  • How to Benefit

Let’s discuss these points.

Cost Factors for Website Design

The website design cost depends on the number of elements and the complexity. Some businesses prefer simple designs, while others crave sophistication.

Another factor is the number of pages. A usual service provider may need about 10 pages to present their service, and an e-commerce website will need up to 100 pages.

The next thing is the rates of your potential vendor. It’s not a secret that digital service prices vary around the globe. For example, the average UX/UI designer rate in the United States is from 80 – 165 USD/hr, and in Ukraine, the same job is rated at 35 – 55 USD/hr.

Note: Hiring a design company will be more expensive than hiring a freelancer. If you want to learn an approximate price of a website, you may check the website cost calculators from services like or Websitecostcalculator. app.

Cost Breakdown

A website design cost will consist of two parts: price for UX wireframes (experience design) and UI mockups (user interface).

User experience design refers to the site’s skeleton (wireframes) responsible for how the user will interact with your site. It includes responsiveness, logical structure, and seamless navigation within web pages. Usually, designing a unique page takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours and about half an hour to make a subordinate page.

With an average rate of 40 USD/hr., the price will fluctuate between 1600 USD and 2400 USD.

UI design stands for the color scheme, visual elements, and graphics. It has much to do with psychology and requires research. Usually, it is provided with the help of a BA team (to learn more, read:

A designer usually produces several samples to select from, each taking 16-20 hours. The design of a unique page takes about 2-3 hours. Yet, complex custom elements, like branded graphics, add to the time.

UI design services average 2400 – 3200 USD (40 USD/hr.).

Hiring a Proper Vendor

You can benefit from the investment in the custom design if you hire a professional able to keep the sublime cost-value ratio.

As mentioned above, design rates differ worldwide. Here’s a comparison:

  • North America $80 – $165
  • Western Europe $50 – $100
  • Eastern Europe $35 – $55
  • Asia $25 – $35
  • Latin America $20 – $30

You can cut costs when outsourcing. Yet, be very careful with cultural mentality. When outsourcing website design to a third-party vendor, select a country with a similar culture (Japan – China, Western Europe, USA – Eastern Europe).

We hope the information here will help you make proper investments and wind broad audiences.


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