The Benefits of Pharmacy Security Cameras


Pharmacies are one of the most important spot of the town as it has life-saving medicines, therefore, it requires 24/7 surveillance. The stock in pharmacies has a never-ending demand. It’s a place due to which many people heals and comes back to life. The stock in pharmacies is at high risk of theft from the robbers and as well as the working staff.

The statics of robbery in pharmacies is very high. The robbery in pharmacies is not about the money, but majorly about the medicines. The robberies spikes up when there is a shortage of any medicine without the availability of alternative medicine or when there is the situation of pandemic or war.

Pharmacy security camera make sure that everything is on its time and on the right place. The installation of cameras in every corner of the pharmacy is must, no matter the pharmacy is big or small.

The benefits of installation of cameras is as below:

Secures the stock:

The security of stock in pharmacies is very important because it has to play a role in life-saving. The cameras should be installed where the stock is kept, on the cash counter and in the entrance of the pharmacy so that every robber can think twice if he has such intentions. The camera should be visible to everyone so they know they are being monitored. The cameras shouldn’t be a hidden as it eliminates the fear of robbery and the robbery becomes inevitable.

When the thief knows he is being monitored, he will definitely change his mind to rob. Don’t forget to display the sign board of security cameras everywhere so that the staff and every visitor stays alert.

Keeps the staff alert:

The security cameras are extremely beneficial for keeping an eye on the staff. It’s not only the burglar that breaks-in the pharmacy to steal but the internal staff can be involved in the theft too. In fact, the internal staff can steal the medicines effortlessly because they are well- aware of the supplies available in the pharmacy. They knows every spot of the pharmacy where the stock is being kept and also knows the value of each medicine as they are qualified pharmacists.

When they are aware of the fact that they are being observed via cameras, they stay alert, efficient and vigilant. The camera should be recording every corner of the pharmacy and stock so that no employee can think of stealing anything from the pharmacy. Theft can be in the form of cash too. This can also be prevented by monitoring the cash counter of the pharmacy through cameras.

Protection of employees and visitors:

Not only medicines and cash requires security, the visitors and the staff needs security and protection too. A robbery can be life-threating for the staff in case of resistance. The surveillance cameras can save the life of the staff in pharmacy if the robber breaks in the store. Even if he steals the medicines, he would never think of hurting anyone in the pharmacy because he knows that he is being watched and recorded.

Controlling the prices:

Hoarding is a common practice of business. In pharmacy world, when the medicine is in demand due to any reason, it is being stolen, hoarded and then sold at high prices afterwards. This can be done by the owners and the employees working in the pharmacy. They sale the medicine in black market at high prices thus, the needy gets blackmailed by the sellers.

When the pharmacies are equipped with the surveillance cameras, no one can dares to steal the medicines from the pharmacy, thus no hoarding or high-prices game can be played.

Internet Protocol cameras:

IP cameras is the most powerful tool these days because when the camera is backed up by internet, the security system becomes strong. It has ease the access of the camera from anywhere. One can sit at home and keep an eye on store via his phones and laptops. It also helps in the alarm management. It takes all the footage of work and send the image data via IP network. Make sure that you use IP cameras so that the visitors and staff is alert and well-aware of the fact that they are being observed and noted.

The demand for pharmacies is high because it has to deliver the medicines to the hospitals as well as to the people who are in need to treat their minor and major health issues. To prevent and to secure, video surveillance through pharmacy security cameras is must because they plays a vital role in our society.


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