The Best NBN Plan for your Small Business


There’s no doubt that internet access is crucial for many businesses, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic led to so many establishments needing to have their employees work remotely. With the NBN being steadily rolled out to more and more areas, more businesses now have the option to get internet access through this broadband network.

In whatever capacity a business needs the internet for, whether it’s just for communication with partners, employees and clients or it’s for something more intensive, the fact remains that choosing the best NBN plans is crucial for many, if not all businesses. So how do you make sure you sign up for the best plan and are getting the best value for money?

In some ways, it’s similar to choosing a plan for your household – but it’s also different in some other ways. Here are some factors to remember.

Available Providers

Let’s get this part out of the way first: the NBN is the wholesaler, so looking for an NBN plan won’t narrow down your choices that much. Where your business is located will affect which internet service providers (ISPs) you’ll end up choosing from.

That said, it’s possible to have the same provider for both your home and your business if you don’t live that far from your work. However, if your business is located quite far from your home, it’s more likely that you’ll have to go with a different internet service provider. Your choices could even be limited further if you need to consider things like a phone line, and in such cases it might be more cost-effective to focus on ISPs who offer phone service in addition to internet access.

Your Business’s Needs

Once you know which providers you’ll ultimately be choosing from, the next factor is to consider what your business needs out of the internet, and how it’ll use that access. After all, you want your organisation to run as smoothly as possible.

A good guideline for picking potential internet plans is to keep the number of users and your online activities in mind. You’ll need more Mbps if you have more employees or have more bandwidth-heavy online activities – or both.

Let’s say your business has 50 employees constantly uploading or downloading files, and each of them needs to teleconference with someone at least twice a day. You’ll need a plan from a higher speed tier, compared to if you had only 15 employees who rarely need to download or upload files and only need to use teleconferencing apps like Zoom or Skype once a month.

Consider A Business NBN Plan

A business NBN plan, as the name implies, is one that’s tailored for businesses. As far as speed and performance is concerned, plans for home and business aren’t that different. Plus, NBN Co won’t actually differentiate between residential or business customers. However, business NBN plans have a few extra features that are worth the investment.

For instance, business NBN plans could include an enhanced service level agreement (eSLA), which providers who purchased extra support from NBN Co pass on to their users. An eSLA typically specifies methods for problem resolution as well as a timeframe for said resolution.

Any business whose activities hinge on internet access are sure to find this helpful. As you can tell, such extra or priority support isn’t available with residential plans.

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