The Five Commandments of App Development


Today everyone is on their phones. Whether it is the curse of the century or the lucky gift, you have to adopt that fact if you want your business to succeed. In other words, you need to hire an iOS developer and create a mobile app for your business because having only a website no longer works.

But before you get too excited about it and start counting all the potential revenue you can get, stop for a second: do you know the five commandments of app development?

Yes, you’ve heard it right: the five commandments. We call it commandments because they should never be ignored in the app development world. If you have no idea about them, stick to the blog because we’ll list and explain them one by one.

So, here you go:

5 commandments of app development

1) Know your metrics before you get to the development

Before you start the design and development of your mobile app, there is one question you should ask yourself: have you already identified the key metrics of your app?

Understanding your metrics should be your first step because it will help you design the best version of your app that does not need much redoing.

So what are the metrics you should consider?

Well, first, you should define your target audience to understand who is your desirable user. Then, you should figure out some key characteristics of the platforms you’ll be launching your app on. Finally, you should also have an understanding of how you are going to monetize the app. Where will your revenue streams be coming from? Are you going to use advertisements, a subscription model, or will you simply put in some in-app purchases?

2) Keep it short and simple

We get it: you want to fill in as much information as you can in your app, so there’s nothing that your user misses. However, opening an app that is cluttered with all types of data will likely push the user away, resulting in the opposite effect.

You want your app to be easy to follow because if it’s not, your users will get too frightened. The thing is that most people purchase or download an app out of impulse. So, it is pretty easy to lose them in the first few days if you make it feel like your app is too complicated.

The golden rule here is to follow the “less is more” ideology, only putting the most essential stuff in your app.

3) Forget about manuals

Keep it in mind: mobile app users do not read manuals.

Now read that again.

Your app should be so intuitive and nicely designed that no one feels the need to open the manual. Trust us; once the users even think about manuals, you lose the game.

The mobile app users love to muddle around the app until they figure out how to use it on their own. If your UI is too complicated and could in no way get simpler, you can help your users around by giving them a short tour.

However, remember that the tour too should be short and straightforward. Just skim through the main features real quickly, and that’s it!

4) Through the registration screen away

Yes, just like that: through it out the window.

As we’ve already mentioned, downloading an app is a more or less impulsive decision most of the time. So if your user comes to your app and confronts a bunch of commitment requests, they probably will be scared and leave.

So what do you need to do? Well, don’t ask them for registration, email, credit card credentials, or any other similar stuff; just let them use your app for a while. Then, once they get the taste of it and become your devoted users, you can ask them to register or show another type of commitment.

5) Understand the rules to break them

Finally, this might sound cliché, but it is always relevant: if you want to think out of the box, you first need to know what the box is. Of course, it is encouraged to unleash creativity once you are designing or developing your mobile app, but make sure you know all the standards and rules before you start to break them.

This was it, the five commandments of app development. Follow them for reaching success higher, and let us know how your app journey went!

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